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"If just There was Someone the end There who Loved You" is a memorable quote stated by Prince Hans, among the main characters in Disney"s 2013 3D-animated feature film Frozen, together he confesses come Princess Anna that he was only using her to advancement his very own agenda of ending up being the King. Because of the influence of the revelation together a plot twist, the quote has because been increased into a multi-pane image macro series in which well known couples unexpectedly betray their loved ones.


In the film, the protagonist character Princess Anna takes that upon her self to placed an end to one eternal winter accidentally lugged down on her kingdom by an icy assignment from her magical and also aloof larger sister Elsa the snow Queen. Among the supporting characters of the movie was Prince Hans<1> who played the love interest of Anna. Transparent the film, Anna (and the audience) only saw Hans together the classic "Prince Charming" archetype usually discovered in fairy tales and also Disney films.

Later in the film, Anna is unfortunately actors with an additional accidental assignment by Elsa complying with her unsuccessful attempt in ~ convincing Elsa to go back to her kingdom and also stop the winter. The lethal spell would revolve Anna into a frozen frosting if she go not obtain a true love"s kiss in time. Desperate and also vulnerable, Anna transforms to Hans hoping the his love could cure she of the spell. However, lot to the surprise of her and also the audience, Prince Hans reveals himself to be an opportunistic and power-hungry man who couldn"t be more away native Elsa"s right vision the true love.


Following the film"s relax in December 2013, countless of those that saw the movie took their reactions come Twitter, Tumblr and other society media outlets, where some expressed your shock and also dismay in the direction of the pessimistic prince, if others decided to make light the the unforeseen revelation (shown below). Prince Han"s quote also became one of the main talking points amongst the doubters in their reviews, with many pop society blogs relenten the plot twist as the "death the Prince Charming" and also women"s interest blogs welcoming Disney"s bold departure from the jaded trope of Prince on a White Horse.

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What started as a just in-joke amongst those who had actually seen the film eventually flourished right into a multi-pane image macro collection placing a comparable plot twist into the partnership of other fictional couples.<4>