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General CommentFYI- cary Brothers is one man with the last surname Brothers. His version is wonderful. I think, rather, that he"s saying he"s fooling her right into thinking he"s in love with her but he"s not.

MemoryThe tune stars and also ends v wondering what would take place "If you were here," presumably definition that the human being to whom the track is command isn"t present. I think the speaker went with a typically complicated breakup the a relationship--something, that appears, that has happened before ("I"ll be always falling")--and is now trying to emotionally cope v the fact that an additional relationship has failed by paint it together something (like all the others) that never ever really mattered in the an initial place. Essentially, "If you were right here I can tell you exactly how much i don"t prefer this relationship either and also how not important it is to me, too." The person to whom the track is addressed, however, isn"t over there anymore--he or she is already gone. So the song therefore becomes a self-address and a reflection on how this kind of thing constantly happens--the speaker has actually these breakups and also then puts increase the wall of "I was never ever emotionally invest so the doesn"t matter." in ~ the very same time, however, the speaker realizes that this part of his or she life will be constantly broken (cracked). The or she will spend time on songs favor this which assist to "repair" the ache of break up through someone by making that sound choose no huge deal, however the speak realizes that "Just prefer the rain, I"ll be constantly falling, yeah / only to rise and fall again." ns think, therefore, the last "Do not desire a component of this anymore" isn"t around not wanting to it is in in the original relationship that the an initial "Do not want a part of this anymore" ad to, but rather is a explain by the speaker the he or she doesn"t want to go v this procedure of pretending no to be invested anymore.
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Is it her name?

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I look in ~ the lyrics totally different, taking them in context with the movie. (I don"t recognize if that"s what was intended, but here goes:) ns look in ~ it native Jake Ryan"s perspective: yeah, you desire to be here with me. "If you were here, I could deceive you" - yet I don"t want a part of those gamings anymore. (he was searching for something the "mattered") genuine love. "Would you doubt my emotions wandering?" (or merely see me together someone who"s no as perfect together you think)... Yes, he"s no as perfect as he appears on the outside: "rainwater seeps through a cracked in the ceiling - and I"ll have to spend time top top repair"... Signifies to me the while he"s imperfect, he"ll always be falling and beginning over. He"s human. And he so wants to love she - just on a actual level of part sorts, without all the games people play v one another"s hearts. In ~ least, that"s exactly how I choose to think that it.