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Genre: Strategy, Card battle Developer: Warner Home video clip Games Publisher: WB gamings ESRB Rating: Not-Rated release Date: November 21, 2013

In Fortress of Solitude through both Doomsday and Regime Doomsday you can see death of Superman Doomsday indigenous the comic. This is the PS3 variation of mine 360 cheat.

We have actually no cheat or codes for Injustice: Gods among Us yet. If girlfriend have any type of unlockables please submit them.

Behind the scene : collect a assistance CardBest things are totally free : collect 5 daily BonusesBrains end Brawn : defeat Superman with Lex LuthorBullseye : get a Crit-Hit w/Deathstroke"s Pistol AbilityButton Masher : gain max damage on Bane"s rage Slam abilityClimbing on increase : finish 8 different BattlesCompletionist : complete All BattlesElite : encourage a CharacterGirl power : success w/team that Harley, Catwoman, Wonder WomanGods amongst Us : Max 1 char in promotions, abilities, & superGoing the Extra Mile : finish 5 different Bonus BattlesGrizzled Veteran : with level 20Half Man fifty percent Amazing : loss an foe with Cyborg"s supermove.I work-related Alone : win a match using just 1 CharacterJackpot : obtain a Rare map from a Booster PackJust A Rookie : with level 10Learning the Ropes : complete a BattleLegion of death : win w/team the Lex, Grundy, and also SinestroLike Clockwork : collect 10 everyday BonusesMaxed out : upgrade an ability to MaxMetahuman Legion : collection 32 distinct CharactersNeed An update : upgrade an AbilityNick that Time : Tag someone out once they have >5% lifeNight bike : defeat an foe with Nightwing"s Supermove.On Your means : finish 12 various BattlesOne Man army : promote a character to MaxOverkill : use super to loss an foe with >10% lifeParagon : with level 40Power squad : collect 4 unique CharactersRunning start : defeat an foe with The Flash"s supermove.Secret society : collection 16 unique CharactersShadow Network : collection 8 unique CharactersTeamwork : stun an opponent & fight them w/a diff char"s powerThis One is for grandfather J : defeat Batman v Harley Quinn.Veteran Hero : complete 24 different BattlesWar the the Lanterns : defeat Sinestro with green LanternWatch The Birdie : defeat Deathstroke with environment-friendly Arrow.Who"s Laughing Now? : loss an opponent with The Joker"s passive.

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