Invader ZIM - Season : 1

Season 1 illustration 1 - The Nightmare starts

The Irken race is composed of beings that have desires of gaining universal domination. Your leaders, the Almighty Tallest Red and Purple, have just begun assigning Invaders, the elite soldiers that will catch the universe’s most dangerous planets. However, once Zim, one Irken soldier that was banished indigenous the Irken Empire, returns and also demands to it is in assigned a job as one Invader, the Tallest decision to send Zim come a “planet the nobody has ever heard of”: Earth. Zim it s okay assigned a cheap robot that is malfunctioning and also he begins the trek in the direction of Earth, but little does he recognize that a human being child on planet named Dib is currently aware the he is coming, and also plans to prevent Zim from perfect his goal. Air date : 30th-Mar-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 2 - Parent-Teacher Night

After one more day in ~ the planet skool, Ms. Bitters reminds the youngsters that it’s parental Teacher Night and also that all the parental must come to the skool in ~ the finish of the day. Zim becomes worried since his robotic parents no programmed for such a job yet and also he cannot permit them to punch his cover, so he do the efforts to aid them end up being the parental they should be, however Gir’s carefree nature shortly puts his to plan in jeopardy. Air date : 6th-Apr-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 3 - go of doom

When Zim it s okay annoyed by Gir’s inept nature for the critical time, he finally gets about to upgrading Gir’s guidance modern technology and he wishes to check its capability. Initial tests look an excellent so Zim wants to take it Gir right into the city to test and also see if Gir can gain them safely earlier to their headquarters. However, once Gir forgets to lug the new guidance chip v him, Zim and also Gir must discover a means to get back home, in spite of the reality that they have actually very small understanding the the means the city functions. Air date : 6th-Apr-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 4 - Bestest girlfriend

When Zim provides a vast scene over his inability to eat lunch food, the overhears one of the girls at school talking about how inhuman he seems to be and how he has actually no friends. In an effort to appear an ext normal, Zim decides to spend time with a student called Keef, though Zim soon finishes his plan and he considers self normal, so he make the efforts to obtain Keef to leaving him alone. Much to Zim’s chagrin, however, Keef continues to follow Zim around, therefore Zim decides to take it unorthodox steps to certain Keef leaves him alone. Air date : 13th-Apr-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 5 - NanoZim

When Dib finally manages to gain a photo of Zim without him in his disguise, Zim formulates a plan to shrink self down right into a microscopic size to acquire into Dib’s body and also perform a brain wipe to prevent him indigenous remembering whereby he situated the picture. Fortunately for Dib, his father has actually been functioning on some technology that might just help Dib stop Zim before it’s too late, despite he’ll been to it is in careful due to the fact that he’s incredibly vulnerable due to the fact that Zim is inside of him. Air day : 13th-Apr-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 6 - virus

After Zim the town hall an old movie where some invading aliens are beat by part bacteria, he begins to research germs more. However, as soon as he discovers that such virus truthfully are everywhere, he starts a crusade to kill every germ in his headquarters so the he can be safe, i m sorry is assisted by the reality that Gir had actually some cleaning spray handy in the house; though once the cleaning party runes dry, Zim need to attempt to walk to the store and get some more, in spite of the reality that he knows simply how numerous germs room out there. Air day : 20th-Apr-2001Read More

Season 1 illustration 7 - Dark Harvest

When Dib finds out that Zim has no person organs, that attempts to exploit Zim’s ailment of head pigeons to obtain the skool’s nurse to study Zim in hopes she will check out the truth. However, when Dib blurts his plan out to Zim, Zim establishes a maker that will certainly permit that to switch objects for organs, in i beg your pardon he starts to stealing the guts of his fellow classmates in order to appear much more human in time for his meeting at the nurse’s office. Air date : 20th-Apr-2001Read More

Season 1 illustration 8 - attack of the Saucer Morons

Zim attempts come test some of the defenses that earth has by taking his Voot out for a drive to monitor regional police units. However, as soon as a bumble punishment crashes right into his vehicle, Zim come crashing under in the park, in which he heads home since he will be unable to recover it the next day. However, as soon as a space cult well-known as the Saucer Morons uncover the Voot first, Zim must uncover a means to obtain his vehicle back without leading to him to shed his cover. Air date : 27th-Apr-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 9 - The Wettening

When it begins to rain one day, Zim i do not care worried since he’s never ever experienced rain before. Dib takes an alert of his fear and also he coaxes Zim right into stepping into the rain, just to find that the Irken race has an inherent weakness come water, which causes a burn sensation top top impact. Dib decides to exploit this brand-new fact to create the ultimate weapon to avoid Zim once and also for all, however Zim self attempts to uncover a way to safeguard himself from this new found weakness, which every leads up to a confrontation the neither of them would have actually expected. Air day : 27th-Apr-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 10 - job Day

Ms. Bitters is assigning students their mentors for Career Day v the use of one aptitude test and a machine. Both Dim and Zim effort to obtain their desired professions on the test, in which Dib manages to acquire paired with a Paranormal Investigator while Zim gets stuck working at a quick food facility. However, when Zim misinterprets the 8 billion served sign and also thinks the the individuals in charge of the firm are the leaders of the planet, the becomes committed to his task in wishes of being promoted to mr of all Humans. However, thanks to the alignment the the planets, Zim is around to go with some uncontrollable transforms that might jeopardize his mission; which Dib is looking to exploit, though both Zim and Dib discover their cases to walk much various than lock anticipated. Air date : 4th-May-2001Read More

Season 1 illustration 11 - Battle-Dib

When Dib ultimately manages to be allowed to existing his result on Zim come the puffy Eyeball Network, the believes that will have the ability to put an finish to Zim’s schemes once and also for all. However, once he discovers that he requirements his father’s permission and since his father is busy working on his tv show, Dib must undertaking into the studio where his father is in bespeak to effort to obtain the signature that needs; though he quickly discovers the speaking to his father isn’t going to it is in as easy as it should be. Air date : 4th-May-2001Read More

Season 1 illustration 12 - A Room v a Moose

When Zim formulates a setup to gain revenge ~ above his skoolmates and especially Dib, he it s okay them every participating ~ above a fieldtrip. Dib, however, realizes that the driver the the bus isn’t real, however due to his continuous theories, the various other students disregard his warnings. Zim decides to gloat around his splendid plan and also he informs Dib of every detail in confidence that Dib have the right to do nothing to prevent him, though Dib refuses to provide up and also he does every little thing he have the right to to save his skoolmates and himself; despite the fact that he doesn’t know why Zim’s plan involve a room with a moose. Air day : 17th-Aug-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 13 - Hamstergeddon

While at skool one day, Ms. Bitters tells the course that they require a brand-new pet hamster as result of the assignment of the skool’s plank of directors. Once the hamster arrives, all the kids love the hamster due to the fact that of how adorable the is, in which Zim decides to manipulate that fact since the hamster could assist make the humans too weak to stand up to him. Zim plants an Irken maker on the hamster that will certainly permit that to thrive larger and be controlled by Zim, yet when the hamster grows rampant and also breaks free, Zim should attempt to avoid the substantial hamster from damaging his headquarters, every the if worrying around the cultivation military existence that may have actually no choice but to attack the hamster, which would certainly ruin every one of his efforts. Air day : 17th-Aug-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 14 - intrusion of the idiot Dog brain

When Zim’s headquarters are having actually security problems, Zim do the efforts to upgrade the defense system and also get the job over with. The decides to put Gir in charge of ensuring nothing walk wrong while that replaces the computer’s AI, however when Gir begins to mess approximately with things, the inadvertently reasons the home to close up door down together with himself. However, Zim shortly discovers that Gir’s AI has been uploaded right into the central hub that the house, which problems Zim rather a lot due to the fact that Gir is being unresponsive and also uncontrollable, which soon puts your mission in jeopardy. Air day : 24th-Aug-2001Read More

Season 1 illustration 15 - Bad, negative Rubber Piggy

Zim lastly finishes one of his me proclaimed brilliant inventions, a space-time-object-transfer device, in which the plans to send a large robot right into the previous in order to placed an finish to Dib once and also for all. However, once the robot no compatible with the temporal field, that throws a rubber pig right into the vortex instead, which transforms out to be compatible and also it causes Dib come crash his tricycle in the past. Zim decides to send many more rubber pigs right into Dib’s past, i m sorry ultimately impact him in the future; though when Zim overdoes himself, he discovers that history isn’t miscellaneous that must be messed with. Air day : 24th-Aug-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 16 - planet Jackers

Zim is uncomfortable because every one of the other intruders are law much better in their work than he is, despite he inadvertently discovers that his signal to the data hub has been interrupted. As soon as Zim takes a closer look, the discovers that the earth has in reality been hijacked by the Planet-Jackers, an alien race who need to throw other planets into their dying sun in order come survive. Zim starts to build a plan to stop the Planet-Jackers, however when Dib refuses to think him, he realizes that he need to save the civilization he to plan to damage by himself, just for the benefits of being the one that gets to damage it. Air day : 31st-Aug-2001Read More

Season 1 illustration 17 - rise of the Zitboy

When Zim comes residence from a lousy day at skool because he found out that Dib to know a defect in his security system, Gir attempts come cheer him up by rubbing bacon oil all over his face. However, once Zim develops a pimple due to the grease, he fears the he will certainly be considered abnormal and that it will certainly jeopardize his mission. Zim think he have the right to use part acne medication to get rid of the pimple, however when it just gets worse and also when Gir color etc a little face top top the pimple, Zim believes every hope is lost; though Zim soon discovers the pimple has actually hypnotic powers and he wishes to exploit this brand-new power in bespeak to obtain Dib to disclose his secret. Air day : 31st-Aug-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 18 - pester of Babies

When Zim’s Voot Cruiser has a mechanical failure and it sends Zim and Gir flying v the skies, Zim manages come gain manage just gradually to land safely in their headquarters. However, Zim is very upset because a human baby experienced the entirety thing and also despite Gir’s make the efforts to factor with him, Zim decides come go accomplish with the baby to see what he can do. However, Zim soon discovers the true nature of the baby and he must do whatever he have the right to to prevent them indigenous accomplishing their goals. Air day : 7th-Sep-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 19 - Bloaty"s Pizza Hog

Dib believes the has identified a means to efficiently tunnel right into Zim’s secret base, yet when his father comes in and also announces the it’s the Membrane family’s night out and also that Gaz gets to pick the ar to eat, Dib runs turn off saying that he will be ago in time because that them come leave. However, as soon as Dib falls short to come on time, Professor Membrane decides come wait until Dib gets back, which reasons Gaz to come to be quite frustrated as she really want to gain some of her favourite food; she decides to go uncover Dib in ~ Zim’s place and despite the truth that Zim’s currently taken Dib into an in-space laboratory, she refuses to miss her opportunity to eat the end so she plans to let nothing obtain in she way. Air date : 7th-Sep-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 20 - Bolognius Maximus

When Dib once again notices the Zim isn’t eating his food, he throws a piece of bologna at him in order to taunt him, in which the bologna fuses with Zim’s skin, causing him enormous pain. Zim vow to get his revenge and during the following day the school, Dib sits on a tack, which causes Zim to start laughing hysterically. Dib to trust Zim is simply being pathetic, yet when Dib starts to transform into a living item of bologna, he realizes the Zim’s plan was much better than he had actually thought and also he have to formulate a an approach of curing himself prior to it’s too late. Air day : 21st-Sep-2001Read More

Season 1 illustration 21 - video game Slave 2

When Gaz sees an advertising for the new handheld gaming console, the video game Slave 2, she decides that she really requirements to go to the mall in bespeak to get one. However, once her father insists the she take away Dib come the mall as well, he pressures her come wait till Mysterious Mysteries go off, which causes them to come at the mall late. Gaz, in rage, tip Dib into running off into the underground parking lot while she attempts to gain a video game Slave 2; despite Gaz discovers an annoying kid managed to acquire the last copy for this reason she looks for to steal his copy, all the when Dib need to attempt to obtain out of the secret parking lot, i beg your pardon is filled v rat-like world who simply annoy him. Air date : 21st-Sep-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 22 - Halloween Spectacular of Spooky doom

It’s Halloween and also the entire town is gaining into the Halloween spirit; lot to Zim’s dismay because he considers the entire principle to be insane and also he doesn’t desire filthy Earth youngsters coming come his house. Meanwhile, Ms. Bitters sends out Dib come an insane asylum since he has been acting crazier 보다 normal, in i beg your pardon in fact he has actually been obtaining sucked right into a nightmare civilization that was created due to his meddling with among his father’s inventions. After lastly getting out of the nightmare world and out that the insane asylum, Dib watch Zim’s house and decides to pressure Zim come come v him right into the Nightmare world due to the fact that he believes Zim will have actually the capability to placed an finish to every the madness, but will they manage to occupational together despite the fact that castle enemies and that Zim didn’t desire to assist him in the first place? Air date : 26th-Oct-2001Read More

Season 1 episode 23 - secret Mysteries

When mysterious Mysteries is having trouble in ratings because of their lack of stories, they decision to take drastic measures and they ultimately let Dib ~ above the show. Dib believes this is his finest chance to expose Zim because that what the is and he dram a short clip of Zim and also Dib in the woods, which actually makes the anchor of the collection quite pleased. However, as soon as Zim it s okay on the show the following day to effort to prove Dib wrong, lock soon acquire into a battle of words over the real events that developed on the day as they both attempt to sway the host of mysterious Mysteries to believe what they have actually said. Air date : 22nd-Mar-2002Read More

Season 1 episode 24 - Future Dib

Professor Membrane has actually just unveiled a world changing machine that will completely remove the entire need for fuel, despite if the machine were come malfunction, the could reason a gigantic shockwave the would destroy all life top top Earth. However, Professor Membrane refuses to rotate the an equipment on until his youngsters are present, in i beg your pardon Dib is lacking because he is attempting to protect against Zim from sabotaging the machine. However, things soon take a rotate for the worse together Dib falls into among Zim’s traps and also the crowd in prior of Professor Membrane us to prosper uneasy end the truth that they’ve waited for this reason long, so Professor Membrane decides come send Gaz to go find Dib and also put an finish to his foolishness. Air date : 22nd-Mar-2002Read More

Season 1 episode 25 - Door to Door

The skool is hold a candy drive in order to acquire some finances, in i beg your pardon the individual that sells the most cacao bars will obtain a secret secret prize. Zim i do not care interested and also he do the efforts to find a means to sell the most chocolate bars, which causes Dib to get into the contest in order to acquire a defeat over Zim. Zim soon realizes, however, the he may have to take drastic steps in order to sell more candy bars 보다 Dib. Air date : 29th-Mar-2002Read More

Season 1 episode 26 - FBI Warning of doom

Gir has actually recently been watching a movie he rented from the local mall, in i m sorry Zim just happens to it is in in the room when the FBI Warning is shown on screen. Just as Zim realizes this, he gets a phone contact from the mall speak they need the video back, in i m sorry Zim starts to panic due to the fact that he believes that there is foul play at hand. Once his computer system tells him that the FBI have to be one alien hunting group, that grabs the movie and makes his method to the mall, in spite of the fact that that doesn’t recognize what come expect when he arrives. Air day : 29th-Mar-2002Read More

Season 1 episode 27 - fight of the Planets

When Zim goes come Mars to attempt to discover a method to destroy the Earth, figuring that whatever killed the life top top Mars may work for planet as well, the stumbles throughout the confront on Mars, i m sorry he later on discovers that is in reality the controls because that a spaceship, in i beg your pardon the whole planet of Mars to be the spaceship. Dib learns of this and also he do the efforts to go to NASAPLACE in bespeak to obtain them to view what Zim is doing, but they refuse to think him together they can’t look at the monitors. Will Dib have the ability to find a method to protect against Zim before he offers the red earth to squish every the life the end of the Earth? Air day : 5th-Apr-2002Read More

Season 1 episode 28 - Abducted

When Zim is attempting to describe to the Almighty Tallest the the people are both dumb and tall, he it s okay interrupted when the doorbell rings and also his infection to the Tallest is reduced short. The two people at the door claim to be human, however Zim doesn’t believe them and he attempts to tell them that their spaceship is jamming his signal; they respond by just sacking both Gir and also Zim and also taking them to your spaceship. Will certainly Zim have the ability to get earlier to his base and also finish his report come the Tallest, and what will Zim execute to the two aliens who dared to catch him? Air day : 12th-Apr-2002Read More

Season 1 episode 29 - The Sad, Sad story of Chickenfoot

When Professor Membrane invites few of his colleagues end to the house, they insult and mock Dib since of his understand of paranormal investigation. Matters end up being even worse for Dib when Mysterious Mysteries begins to present a segment ~ above Chickenfoot, a being that is obviously a male in a suit. Dib decides to walk on a crusade to prove Chickenfoot is a fraud in stimulate to create the truth that paranormal investigation additionally disproves the frauds in addition to proving the genuine mysteries, though will Dib be able to find the elusive Chickenfoot and even if the does, how will he control to get the suit off that him? Air day : 12th-Apr-2002Read More

Season 1 illustration 30 - Megadoomer

The Almighty tallest are assessing a storage earth in order come send valuable goods come the intruders to aid them on their missions. They decision to send a Megadoomer Combat Stealth Mech come Invader Tenn to help her conquest of the planet Meekrob and they decision to send a crate of malfunctioning SIR units to Invader ZIM, however when the two packages addresses are switched through an angry slave, ZIM it s okay the Megadoomer and plans to usage his new gift native the Tallest to placed an finish to Dib once and also for all. Air day : 26th-Apr-2002Read More

Season 1 illustration 31 - Lice

When in ~ skool one day, a child comes into course late due to the fact that his head was itchy, which Ms. Bitters recognizes the it was because of lice. Before she can do anything, however, the lice epidemic the remainder of the college student in the class, therefore Ms, Bitters notifies the Delouser, that proclaims martial law and also the youngsters are taken right into separate rooms. However, Zim mirrors no sign of gift infected by the lice, which causes the Delouser to take one-of-a-kind interest in him. Air day : 26th-Apr-2002Read More


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Season 0 illustration 5


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