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BSOD, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, ntoskrnl.exe on previously Fine Ryzen 3600 System- I initially posted ~ above redditHey, and also thanks for your time.EDIT: I additionally can check out Kernel Power event #41 in occasion Viewer. I think this may be because of needing to host down power to acquire out of frozen screens sometimes though.I"ve been having a fairly frustrating worry with my computer for the past week or more that ns cannot it seems to be ~ to figure out. My PC has been randomly freezing, just sits there totally frozen, and also has to be blue screening v multiple error messages. The most usual error post is the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error noted with ntoskrnl.exe. I have tried whatever , reinstalled windows many times, set up windows ~ above a various drive, ran driver verifier on all non-microsoft drivers, installed latest vehicle drivers for EVERYTHING, ran memtest86 v flying colors, to update to latest BIOS, incrementally installed all chipset vehicle drivers - whatever I deserve to think of and also the net suggests. The point is, this setup has been to run fine because Christmas, and also now that BSODs every the time. It will let me play games undisturbed because that an hour or much more sometimes, however it always BSODs through the IRQL error eventually. Ns think the points to a windows update or driver upgrade messing with things, however I have actually no idea i beg your pardon update can be well-known to have actually caused it. There have been many short articles with this error however none that I have actually seen have actually solutions the have worked for me thus far.I additionally get CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT after about 30s - 1min after logging right into safe mode only.My specs: more detail in ~ bottomRyzen 5 3600Corsair LPX 16GB RAMB450 stole Legend MoboSamsung 850 EVOGTX 1080 8GB AMP! EditionHere"s a attach to plenty of of the dump records I have accumulated recently, i think that they room kernel storage dumps, some can be automatic memory dumps.

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If friend can aid and desire a various memory recording type, you re welcome let me know, it will certainly not take lengthy for me to create one....Some have different bugchecks 보다 others. were numerous many others however here is simply a few. I"ve tried utilizing windows debug tools yet I don"t understand what come look for and how to recognize what the problem can be with them.Thanks because that reading, and thanks for considering!Computer Type: DesktopGPU: GTX 1080 AMP! version 8GBCPU: stock Ryzen 5 3600Motherboard: B450 stole Legend steel legend/index.aspRAM: Corsair 3000mhz 16GB (2x8GB) lamb 750wOperating device & Version: home windows 10, completely updatedGPU Drivers: 445.75Chipset Drivers: recent (2.04)Background Applications: Unsure