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I"m writing an article and I"d evaluate a much more sophisticated phrase for the hatchet "getting more than you bargained for".

All help is substantially appreciated.



"Getting more than you bargained for" itself is idiomatic yet you could use "largesse" or "bounty" suitably, if what girlfriend received has actually positive value.

Also, girlfriend can inspect if you deserve to use the expression "unintended consequences" to suit her purpose.


Something favor "He underestimate the implications/ramifications/impact of his actions", perhaps?

It"s hard to reply without knowing the paper definition though.


According come American Heritage an interpretation (link)

more 보다 one bargained for — An unexpected outcome, especially an unfavorable one, as in Serving on the plank this year has involved more work than I bargained for. This expression alludes come a greater than anticipated price for a transaction.

If things have gone wrong context is assumed climate I imply using

gone pear-shaped: things have gone pear-shaped


Well over there is the really popular expression "Biting off more than one have the right to chew".

Also, ns think girlfriend may find something valuable in the complying with link.

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Lagniappe, this is a term offered in Louisiana that means getting an ext than girlfriend thought. A bonus or a gift.

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