Find out which stores room open now or reopening in the Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park and Crestwood area as Illinois developments to phase 3

Lorraine Swanson, Staff

Which shop are open up in the Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park and Crestwood area are open up under Illinois's step 3 plan. (Lorraine Swanson/

Retail shop were offered the environment-friendly light come reopen on may 29 together Illinois progressed to phase 3 that the state"s reopening plan. Shop must keep social distancing and also Illinois room of public Health-approved sanitation, capacity limits and safety guidelines. Customers and also employees are compelled to wear face masks. Shop will also have spacing and also barriers in ~ checkouts.

When retail stores closeup of the door in March and Illinois citizens were told to stay home to curb the spread of coronavirus, many stores were just starting to placed out your spring and also summer merchandise. To tempt shoppers back, deep discounts space being offered.

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Chicago Ridge Mall at 95th Street and Ridgeland way is now open, through social distancing, capacity limits and also other safety guidelines. Opened schedules vary by retailer. Prior to arriving, speak to or inspect a store"s website for opening details. The food court is closed and also some restrooms might be closed come the public. Shoppers will additionally find furniture in the mall typical area spaced 6 feet apart. Short-term mall hours are 11 a.m. Come 8 p.m. Monday v Saturday, and also noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.

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Some stores us checked had plywood over their windows as a precaution against feasible looting. Don"t permit that problem you.

Here space the stores that are open and/or planning to reopen:

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Marshalls stores room reopening Monday, June 8.

Green Oaks to buy Center, 9601 S Cicero Ave, Oak LawnCommons that Chicago Ridge, 253 Commons Dr, Chicago Ridge

TJ Maxx stores will reopen Monday, June 8.

Stony Creek Promenade, 4960 W 111th St, Oak Lawn (111th and also Cicero)Evergreen Plaza, 9660 S western Ave, Evergreen Park

HomeGoods stores will reopen Monday, June 8

Stony Creek Promenade, 4950 West 111th St., Oak Lawn (111th and Cicero)

Wednesday"s native 10 come 11 a.m. Are reserved for ours customers who are age 60+, who space pregnant or who have actually underlying health and wellness conditions.

Skechers Outlet stores are open up now.

Evergreen Plaza, 9660 S western Ave, Evergreen Park

Burbank Station, 7700 S. Cicero Ave. #A6, Burbank

Burlington open now.

Evergreen Plaza, 9660 S western Ave, Evergreen Park8320 southern Cicero Ave., BurbankRivercrest purchase Center, 13120 Rivercrest Drive, Crestwood

Ross dress For Less open up now.

Commons that Chicago Ridge, 400 Commons Drive, Commons that Chicago RidgeEvergreen market Place, 9104 S western Ave, Evergreen Park

Five Below open up now.

Commons that Chicago Ridge, 242 Commons DriveEvergreen Plaza, 9680 south Western Ave., Evergreen ParkRivercrest to buy Center, 13210 southern Cicero Ave., Crestwood

Bath and also Body Works open up now.

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Rivercrest shopping Center, 4847 Cal death Road, Crestwood Evergreen Plaza, 9590 S. Western Ave., Evergreen ParkChicago Ridge Mall, 95th Street and Western Avenue, Evergreen Park

DSW (Designer shoes Warehouse) is open.

Evergreen Plaza, 9590 S. West Ave., Evergreen Park

Zemsky"s open now (minority owned and also managed)9586 S. Western Ave., Evergreen Park