Video games Appeal to The masculine Fantasy refers to a series of videos remixing a clip of feminists playing grand Theft Auto post by Buzzfeed. In the clip, moderator Claudia Restrepo states "I composed a blog short article a if ago about why i f***ing hate video games. Lock appeal to the male fantasy!" In the remix videos, ~ the presenter claims that line, different clips supposed to humorously show "the male fantasy" are inserted.

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On April 23rd, 2015, Buzzfeed Yellow<1> published a video titled "Feminists Play cool Theft Auto for The an initial Time." In the video, several presenters express shock and disgust at few of the game"s violence and also the way it objectifies women. About halfway with the video, one presenter, Claudia Restrepo from the blog Oscar no Sexism, plays with a scene the takes place at a strip club. The original video clip has due to the fact that been removed. ~ above April 25th, the video clip was reuploaded to facebook (shown below).

"I wrote a blog post<2> a while ago about why i fucking hate video clip games, because this is what the does! that appeals to the male fantasy!"


On august 29th, 2016, YouTube user punpun paired the clip the Claudia talking around the male fantasy through a clip native Just reason 3 that the key character attaching bombs to an enemy"s crotch and also watching him paris away. The video clip gained over 126,000 views.

This was the an initial of dozens the videos that remixed the clip. One of the most famous with over 277,000 views to be posted by YouTube user Tom Benda, who had a clip the Han Solo dancing indigenous the game Kinect Star Wars because that the Xbox Kinect.

On October 2nd, 2016, YouTube user Graham posted a compilation the "Male Fantasy" remix videos. The video, presented below, is the many watched "Male Fantasy" video with end 280,000 views.

Image Macros

On October 27th, 2017, Facebook<7> user Bejamin Foster posted a two-pane picture macro featuring Restrepo saying "This is why i hate video clip games. The appeals to the masculine fantasy" over a screenshot native the video game Europa Universalis IV. The article (shown below) received much more than 1,000 reactions and 175 share in much less than three years. That day, it to be posted to 9GAG, <6> whereby it received more than 12,000 points. Much less than one month later, ~ above November 22nd, 2017, Redditor <3> merapyara reposted the image and received more than 9,900 clues (91% upvoted) and 740 comment in much less than a month.

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Shortly after the post was made, variations of the style began appearing on miscellaneous websites, including Imgur, <4> 9GAG<5> and more (examples below).