For years, I"ve complied with the account to acquire updates top top featured videos, YouTube Red originals and news items.

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But ~ above Wednesday, ns was shocked to find YouTube"s Twitter account promoting the target of a "perfect stranger."

Tweet may have actually been deleted

On social media, YouTube explained the animated number as "pale and weird, however oddly ... Comforting?"

Turns out, the video clip is 3 minutes long. It functions a creepy (yet weird endearing) stop-motion animated number lying naked on the stomach, whispering sweet nothings come me -- and also you, if you"re for this reason inclined.

"It"s ok, you deserve to look at my butt," the figure, voiced by Garrett Davis, says. "I feel like I have the right to really it is in vulnerable about you."

The number urges united state to look in ~ the sunset v him. It talks lovingly around my "shapes" (wonder if it"s listened come Ed Sheeran"s "Shape the You?") and calls me beautiful.

It draws me, together if i were in Titanic, staring intently in ~ me -- perhaps into my an extremely soul.


Credit: youtube/screengrab

Do i feel violated? Flattered? Creeped out? certainly all three, but mostly, I"m captivated. I can"t look away.

It reminds me a bit of the the web of yesteryear, in i m sorry shorts prefer "Salad Fingers" and Homestar Runner became kooky famous sensations v no paper definition or justification.

I made decision to Google this odd animated stranger to find out more. Transforms out, other civilization had currently come across the brief on Vimeo -- and even written about it (notably, CNET and also AV Club).

The video, which has amassed virtually 300,000 views on YouTube, was developed by animator Kirsten Lepore.

Tweet may have actually been deleted

Congrats, Kristen -- you"ve efficiently confused, amused and disturbed the internet.

Tweet may have actually been deletedTweet may have actually been deletedTweet may have actually been deletedTweet may have actually been deleted

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