Many iFolks cannot sync your iDevices with iTunes because getting this error even if they do NOT have passcodes on their devices.

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iTunes could not attach to the iphone phone “User’s iPhone” due to the fact that it is locked through a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it deserve to be offered with iTunes.”


This post usually reflects up as soon as you attach the iDevice come a computer system (PC or Mac), the is not the one you are usually syncing with. This may take place on all iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and all iOS versions. If you space experiencing this error on her Mac or PC, examine the following fixes.

Before performing the fix, make certain you update iTunes to the latest version.

Fix: remove Old iDevices indigenous iTunes

In most of the cases, the reason for this error is situated in the iTunes app. It shop data for approximately 5 synced devices in your account. If friend have much more than 5 gadgets in your gadgets section in iTunes girlfriend are getting to the limit. Erase the ones you nothing use. Right here is just how to perform that.

Launch iTunes ~ above your computer system (PC or Mac).Click Account in the food selection bar.From the drop-down menu select View My Account.Now, enter your Apple ID Password (if required).Under the iTunes in the Cloud section, click on Manage Devices.Now, remove any type of old device.After you finish with this, restart iTunes and shot connecting your iDevice.

If this no work, girlfriend can try restoring your device from recovery Mode. However, store in mind the performing that will delete every the data from your iDevice.

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by Kevin ArrowsJuly 22, 2021
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Fix: iTunes could Not affix to the iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch due to the fact that it is locked v a passcode

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