After 30 years together a teacher and principal at Montgomery ar Public Schools and also then four years together a member of the board of education and learning (BOE), Jeanette Dixon is moving on.

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She spoke with Montgomery community Media around her time on the board and her years in education.

Dixon is proud of her company but trust the BOE still demands to be an ext transparent and also increase its interactions with the public. She plans come travel about the world and tackle every the publications she has actually wanted to read but hasn’t had actually time while on the BOE.

When she i graduated from college, she aspired to go into politics and perhaps come to be president the the united States. Instead, she became a social researches teacher. From 1997 come 2001, Dixon was principal at White Oak center School. She then became principal at paint Branch High School.

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Newly-elected Lynne Harris will certainly take Dixon’s chair on the BOE at its Dec. 3 meeting.

THANK you Ms. Dixon for your outstanding company to
mocoboe staff, students and also families! leadership from the heart is long lasting and also impactful. Congratulations top top a project well done! ⭐️