Yet another girl from 16 and also Pregnant is involvement the “Three Kids prior to Age 25” Club!

Jordan Ward, that starred ~ above the 3rd season of the MTV reality show, announced on she Instagram the she is right now pregnant v her 3rd child. She posted a photo that verified off her baby bump, in addition to a subtitle that hinted she’s due to give birth to a baby boy in September.

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Jordan’s episode of “16 and also Pregnant,” which initially aired in April 2011 and also followed the birth of her first son Noah, was among the highest-rated illustration of the present ever. (Viewers loved every the drama that Jordan’s pregnancy created in between Jordan and also her pair sister, Jessica.) Jordan and she baby-daddy, Brian Finder, obtained married shortly after Jordan’s illustration aired.

However, Jordan’s story was not without scandal. Right before Jordan flew come Los Angeles to movie the “16 and also Pregnant” Season 3 Reunion special, Jordan uncovered she was pregnant again. She was among the first girls native the display to have actually a 2nd pregnancy, and also the show’s producer were not happy around it.

From what The Ashley heard in ~ the time, they encouraged Jordan to save her second pregnancy a secret for awhile. It has actually been said that MTV was planning to choose girls native “16 and Pregnant” Season 3 for Teen mom 3, however Jordan’s unanticipated pregnancy derailed that and also the producers decided girls native Season 4 instead.

Anyway, Jordan and also Brian welcomed their 2nd child, daughter Arri, in November 2011. They continued to be married for several more years, yet they eventually separation in 2016.

“Meet my brand-new baby-daddy!”

Jordan is currently seeing a male named Manny Hinkson, who is the dad of the son she’s right now pregnant with.

Jordan, currently 24 year old, is certainly not the only girl native “16 and Pregnant” to walk on to birth out three babies.

The various other “16 and Pregnant” girl who currently have three youngsters are Season 1’s Ebony Jackson and Maci Bookout; Season 2’s Leah Messer (who had twins the first pregnancy), Lori Wickelhaus and Jenelle Evans; Season 3’s Jennifer Del Rio (who had twins the an initial pregnancy); Season 4’s Mackenzie McKee, Sarah Roberts and Kristina Head.

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Season 3’s Danielle Cunningham and Season 2’s Kail Lowry room both currently pregnant through their 3rd child.