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Written by: Melanie Simmons

Calling all dreamers! Theatre has actually the power to carry audiences across time and space. So let’s take it a journey to old Egypt, together we explore the exciting story of Joseph and the exceptional Technicolor Dreamcoat. Joseph… was written by the dream team that Andrew Lloyd Webber and also Tim Rice in 1965. It was not actually staged 1970, but has enjoyed countless productions since then. Based loose on the story in the holy bible of Joseph and also his coat of many colors, the show is family-friendly and also features attractive tunes that everyone have the right to enjoy.The show is perfect because that schools and amateur groups, but also fun for community and professional theaters. Nevertheless of the size of your group,Joseph… is a fantastic addition to any kind of season.Let’s take it a look in ~ this uplifting story and also the TheatreWorld backdrops that help bring it to life!





The show, i beg your pardon is practically entirely sung-through, starts with the Narrator (“Prologue”), who will overview us v the story. The Narrator set the stage and also introduces Jacob, the father of 12 boy (“Jacob and Sons”). The youngest and favorite child is Joseph. That is a dreamer (“Any Dream will certainly Do”), which irritates his brothers. Tensions rise as soon as when Jacob mirrors his donate by providing Joseph a splendid, vibrant coat (“Joseph’s Coat”). To include insult to injury, Joseph then has actually a dream in which that rules over his brothers (“Joseph’s Dreams”). Angry, his brothers plot his demise yet instead of killing Joseph, they instead sell him together a servant to Egypt (“Poor, poor Joseph”). Castle then go home and tell their father the Joseph was torn personally by wild animals, leaving Jacob heartbroken.

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Jacob to be famously wealthy, so usage the best backdrop to display the affluence of this patriarch and also all the comforts Joseph stands come lose. This old Middle Eastern city backdrop reflects an affluent negotiation nestled amidst the greys and browns of the deep desert. A solid wall mirrors security and also comfort, when palm trees stand sentinel over a welcoming, winding road. This might well it is in the home of Jacob’s blessed clan, unaware that the tragedy around to befall them.

This Desert Encampment backdrop would certainly be a interlocutor alternative! Brightly fancy tents dot the golden sand underneath noodle candy clouds in one azure sky. The Egyptian statues framing each side foreshadow the disastrous – yet, ultimately, triumphant – trip ahead.

This Agrabah Marketplace background would also make terrific choice for the opening of this show. Lively industry stalls crowd the streets of an established town of obvious renown. The mix of vibrant wares and stoic, rock buildings represent the security and also affluence of the young enjoy, while deep shadowed passageways in the facility of the drop hint at dark times to come.

Joseph in Egypt



Joseph becomes a slave in the home of “Potiphar”, yet his handsome looks tempt the undesirable interest the Potiphar’s wife. When the Egyptian records his mam trying come seduce Joseph, that assumes the worst and throws Joseph in prison. Joseph languishes there, do the efforts to store his spirits up (“Close Every Door”). He interprets the dreams of 2 of his fellow inmates and it brings new purpose to his otherwise disastrous life (“Go, Go, walk Joseph”).

Joseph’s come in Egypt is fixed joyous. Shot this summary Pyramids backdrop to convey the looming, cold shadows the the Egyptian country. Sepia tones with cocoa shading reflect the load of these national landmarks, simply waiting come crush the spirits of ours beleaguered hero.

For a comparable effect, yet with even an ext drama, try this Pyramids in ~ Sunset backdrop. The Pyramid in ~ Giza and its smaller companions still dominate the scene, this time bathed in the blood red tones of so late sunset. Crimson clouds hang ominously in a darkening sky, together the critical light of hope fades past the horizon.

For Joseph’s prison cell, shot this Field rock Wall background to really channel that sense of bleakness and imprisonment. Variegated stones are drawn in intricate information with mister of pinks, blues, and also greens. The stones are held together with thick mortar, creating an impenetrable fortress. Integrate with simple pinpoints of irradiate in a dark phase to soon conjure the deepest oubliette.

Pharaoh’s Dreams

In action II, Pharaoh is plagued by desires no one have the right to interpret. The freed inmate remembers Joseph’s dream-interpretation an abilities and tells Pharaoh, who summons Joseph native prison. Pharaoh explains his nightmares in a song. However, this pharaoh is no mummy – he delivers this track in the hip-shimmying layout of an Egyptian Elvis (“Song of the King”)!

After all the trauma of act I, that time come party in plot II! take it full benefit of the possibility to advanced the mood and tempo of the show back up by giving Pharaoh’s entrance sufficient glam to fit The King. Try this Pharaoh’s Palace inner backdrop to present the power and abundance that the Egyptian royal class. The audience journeys with Joseph indigenous the dungeons to the grand throne room, finish with towering pillars and gleaming tiles. Hieroglyphic details paint the walls and also columns, telling the story the Pharaoh’s conquests.

Another choice would be to really play increase the las vegas feel with this Le Cirque lamp backdrop! Blue, pink, and chartreuse spotlights streak across the background. Boost the painted lights with your own dancing light effects.

This Laser lights backdrop also brings a party atmosphere, yet in a an ext abstract way. Autumn this behind your own Egyptian throne room set pieces for an old-meets-new techno vibe!

Brighter days in Egypt


Joseph timeless divines from Pharaoh’s dreams that there is a good famine coming, and only by swift activity can Egypt not only survive, however thrive throughout the coming tough years (“Pharaoh’s desires Explained”). That is instantly supported to a position of enormous power over every one of Egypt – 2nd only come Pharaoh himself – come oversee the implementation of the plan to make it through (“Stone the Crows”).

Things have absolutely turned roughly for Joseph, therefore let this Pyramids v Sphinx backdrop stand for the readjust in his fortunes. The towering pyramids space still present, but this time they stand proudly against a clean blue sky. The sun gleams brightly overhead, warming the sandstones and the sphinx crouching mysteriously in the foreground. The strong solar rays also represent the relentless famine that’s around to lug disaster to the surrounding areas, catapulting Egypt – and also Joseph – come wealth past their wildest dreams.

Bleak time in Canaan


Back in Canaan, Jacob and also his continuing to be 11 sons have actually not fared well. The famine is tough upon them, and they are on the brink that perishing (“Those Canaan Days”). The brothers finish up traveling to Egypt and also begging because that food – native Joseph! Disguised so they cannot identify him, Joseph agonizes over exactly how to resolve his treacherous brothers. He devises a setup to trick his brothers right into revealing your true natures, only to find that their hearts have changed (“The Benjamin Calypso”).

Use this tranquil Savanna backdrop to record the desolation that the nearby, starving lands. A couple of dried up, sporadic plants room all that remain on what was once a plainly flourishing savanna. Now, there’s simply emptiness as far as the eye deserve to see. Towering mountains speak to the sons of Jacob to take it a dangerous trip to beg because that help.

A Happy Ending


Delighted that his brothers have actually turned from their wicked ways, Joseph discover his true identity and also forgives them of their past wrongs (“Joseph every the Time”). The show ends v Jacob and also Joseph’s tearful reunion (“Jacob in Egypt”), together Joseph as soon as again dons his colorful cloak.

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This Chromatic Rainstorm backdrop is a no-brainer for this large finish!! Theatre loves the happy endings, and there’s no far better way to backdrop Joseph’s reunion through his father – and also the cloak that began all this trouble! – than with these rainbow colors, painted in happy streaks throughout a sparkling background.


The eternal link of family, despite jealous feuds and also lost time, is simply one the the themes this charming show captures. It likewise explores an individual integrity, the value of suffering and also enduring even the greatest of hardships without holding onto resentments, and also the power of karma and divine justice – and forgiveness. These themes make Joseph… a story the is constantly timely and also relevant.With catchy music, a large cast that spans countless age ranges, and the uplifting message, Joseph and the impressive Technicolor Dreamcoat isa brilliant addition to any type of stage. Contact TheatreWorld this particular day to lug your own dream come life!

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