We’ve heard our same share that heartbreaking troubles this year, yet then as soon as South Floridians find out around those people, we room left smiling! this is tonight’s assist Me Howard v Patrick Fraser

Life is not straightforward for Justin.

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Justin Floyd Sr.: “And ns can’t even count how many seizures he has actually a month.”

And then, one day, if wearing a mask, Justin had actually a seizure in his Henry Mack classroom, rather of being sympathetic, an official kicked Justin the end of the school.

Justin Floyd Sr: “She simply said the my child was a threat of giving the remainder of the youngsters coronavirus because when he has a seizure, his confront mask comes off.”

After we spoke to the institution district they allow Justin earlier in school.

Good, Justin told us, ’cause he demands his education and learning to accomplish a dream.

Justin Floyd: “I will certainly be a police officer, since the police helps people.”

And police across South Florida experienced Justin on aid Me Howard.

Rosanna Cordero-Stutz: “I saw and I cried. The one thing that made the smile and also jump up to be I desire to it is in a police officer.”

And the policemans turned a sad Justin right into a joyful Justin. Hold a parade because that him, in prior of his house.

Justin Floyd: “I simply love it, i love that so much.”

They lugged gifts for Justin, they gave him a bike, and when they found out Justin is fascinated by police helicopters, they brought one.

Justin Floyd: “I can’t think it, man. I can’t think it.”

Best of every for Justin, they gave him one honorary badge and also let him understand they are there for him.

Officer: “Can I acquire a hug. Give thanks to you so much, Justin, thank you.”

Officer: “These room all your friends, and they are below for friend whenever you require ’em.”

Justin Floyd: “Best job I’ve ever before had.”

Justin got to watch a parade in his honor.

Charles would have just settled for a video game on his TV.

Charles is deaf. Watching sporting activities is his usually the only happiness he gets.

But after he missed a pair of payments because that his cable bill, the climbed to $273. He can not pay it, his cable was cut off.

Charles Faust: “I couldn’t watch nothing that I prefer to watch, friend know.”

I contacted Comcast, they were nice enough to turn his cable back on, reduced his bill and also work out a payment plan for Charles, overwhelming him.

Charles Faust: “I start crying because I to be so blessed.”

And there would be an ext tears of happiness after Charles to be on help Me Howard.

Charles Faust: “Wow, wherein did the come from?”

Dozens the viewers sent Charles letters of encouragement and checks so he could pay come watch sporting activities on TV.

For a few minutes he to be speechless then.

Charles Faust: “I’ve never ever had civilization in my life like this prior to that provide me something.”

Thanks to sort viewers, Charles won’t have to worry around his cable invoice for years and won’t need to worry about missing the warm on TV.

Charles Faust: “You see exactly how blessed i am? They do me cry.”

Viewers generosity made Charles cry.

Heavy tools made Robert cringe.

Robert Hunter: “I am a vet. Ns injured. I have actually nephropathy nerve damage, shrapnel in mine spine.”

Robert is one American vet wounded in Iraq, and then while crossing the street in his wheelchair, a front-end loader virtually killed him.

Robert Hunter: “And the booming at a high price of speed. I couldn’t obtain out the the way, and also I’ve got nothing come do however jump the end of mine wheelchair or i am walking to get run over.”

Robert was OK, but his wheelchair was smashed.

The construction firm said they wouldn’t pay because that the $3,000 wheelchair yet would check to watch if their insurance company would.

Robert Hunter: “I don’t have actually the money to buy my very own chair. Ns am top top disability.”

Rather than wait months because that an insurance agency to decide if they would certainly pay because that a chair, we aired our story top top Robert, and also wow.

Robert Hunter: “When Patrick told me what you want to do, it was choose my prayers got answered.”

Dozens of south Floridians available to purchase a new chair because that Robert.

Johanna Pardo from complete Mobility in Hollywood not only provided Robert a chair because that free, she allow him choose it out.

Johanna Pardo: “Looks good on you Robert.”

The $3,500 wheelchair chair is great. Just like the world who readily available to aid Robert.

Robert Hunter: “Thank you so much.”

Johanna Pardo: “You’re welcome, sweetie. You’re welcome.”

Robert Hunter: “I can not tell you exactly how much I evaluate it. The a blessing.”

It is a blessing, Robert, the there are so many kind people in southern Florida.

Every once in awhile girlfriend come throughout those angry, grumpy people in southern Florida, yet they room the minority.

The vast majority of world are just generous and caring, questioning Justin, Charles and Robert. They acquired to see and hear indigenous those people.

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