Alternative names: Kaguya wants to it is in Confessed to Season 2, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War?

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This episode singlehandedly made me discover what that feels like to suffer every possible human feel in the expectancy of 20 minutes.

But the one the sticks in ~ the finish of the illustration is sadness.

I sometimes hate the people that do this anime due to the fact that it is as well damn good to out right into words. Just how long room they expecting us to wait for season 3!!!???

So the an initial opening wasn't lying, the school really exploded. Spoilers in front of us this entirety time!

Some people say castle don't like as soon as OP spoils plot points, yet Kaguya-Sama controlled to execute it without anyone seeing it coming!

Kaguya-sama's girls once using modern technology are always super cute. Kaguya in season 1, once using her phone, was really cute.

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And let's not forget around the memorable phone contact with Miyuki's papa DIO.