At KCU, we are a community of experts committed come excellence in education, research, patient care and also community service.We believe that whatever we execute is to enhance the health of the neighborhoods we serve.

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As KCU continues to flourish as a leader in health sciences education, we are concentrated on building a diverse workplace for our diverse students.

At KCU, we space a ar of professionals committed to excellence in education, research, patient care and also community service.We think that everything we execute is to enhance the well-being of the communities we serve.

As KCU proceeds to thrive as a leader in health and wellness sciences education, we are concentrated on building a varied workplace because that our diverse students.

It’s for this reason much more than just a paycheck. It is more than our award-winning benefits, compete compensation package and also outstanding wellness program. The stamin of our college is rooted in our talented group of people and our common sense the purpose. We room a university started on science and also compassion the never falls short to ensure a future with both.

And we constantly strive to do good.


Award-Winning Benefits

Nationally well-known benefits package to help ensure the health and well-being the you and also your family.

Medical, Dental and also VisionFSA & HSA with yearly KCU ContributionVoluntary Life and AD&D InsuranceDisability InsuranceTelehealth ServicesPharmacy Advocacy Program

PTO and also Service Days

We think in work-life balance. Take time off once you need it to relax and do good in her community.

Eight paid Holidays every YearGenerous PTO with ability to Carryover up to 120 HoursPaid Winter Break in between Christmas and brand-new Year"s DayFour job of community Services leave Time every Year

403(b) Retirement Plan

KCU cares about your permanent financial well-being and also stability by providing a vain 403(b) retirement plan and also a 403 (b) Roth employee contribute account.

With a 5%+ contribution to her 403(b), KCU Will complement 10% because that a 15% complete KCU/Employee Contribution

Well-Being Program

Improving the health of the areas we offer starts through YOU. KCU’s well-being regime strives to enhance the physical, financial and also mental wellness of our employees and also spouses by providing information, tasks and services to support healthy and balanced lifestyle choices and also promoting a society of well-being within our community.

Monthly well-being Discount on your Benefits PremiumMonthly Prize-Winning ContestsMental health and wellness Resources and also Counseling ServicesDietician Consultations and also Healthy food preparation DemosVirtual practice Classes and an individual Training ProgramOn-Site Flu Shots Clinic, Biometric Screenings and More

Campus Experience

Enjoy the beautiful grounds and facilities ~ above both campuses - Kansas City and also Joplin. Our cafeterias, campus stores, coffee bars, fitness centers and community garden make it straightforward to continue to be healthy, refuel and also relax between classes and also meetings.

Rewards & Recognition

Get the recognition you deserve. KCU’s employee rewards and also recognitions routine is concentrated on supporting, recognizing and financially rewarding faculty and also staff for their accomplishments. Prizes variety from gift catalog selections, financial incentives, non-profit donations in the winner’s name, funny treats, a travel trophy and more.

Monthly Kudos Superstar(s): Peer-to-Peer Employee RecognitionQuarterly Hero Awards: Awards based upon KCU ValuesEmployee and Team of the Year Awards: yearly Nominations Awards based on Community Services and also VolunteerismService Awards: yearly Recognition that Milestone Anniversaries

Growth and also Development

KCU is specialized to building the best university team in the job by investing because that team success and also maintaining a culture that invests in the success of faculty and also staff.

Tuition Reimbursement ProgramLearning and advancement Offerings, including Unconscious predisposition Training, management Training, brand-new Leader Assimilation, bowl Sessions, adjust Management and also MoreLeadership Academy maintain ProgramOn-Demand Learning source Libraries through LinkedIn Learning, EDX, Coursera, UDemy and also More

KCU Employee inoculation PolicyAll new part-time and also full-time employees who start employment ~ Nov. 29, 2021, have to be completely vaccinated because that COVID-19.


Join KCU come become component of a progressive, diverse and also inclusive ar of i m sorry you deserve to be proud, and also leave a note by do the education and learning of future leader in the wellness sciences possible.

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We think in progress and also growth.

We believe that every voice must be heard and everyone should be treated v dignity respect. We believe embracing diversity, equity and also inclusion, both on our campuses and in our bigger communities, need to be the standard.

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Kansas City university (KCU) is a proud member the the Higher education and learning Consortium (HERC), an organization which advances member institutions’ ability to recruit and also retain the many diverse and talented workforce. With HERC, KCU advertises to job seekers historically underrepresented in the greater education workforce. In publications and online, HERC promotes higher education careers to veterans, women, professionals of color, members the the LGBTQ+ community, and also professionals v disabilities.


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