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The north Liberties Recreation facility has among the plenty of public pools in Philly. / picture by Margo Reed

While critical year not a single one the Philly’s pools was open, this year, Philadelphians have the opportunity to enjoy some relief native the sweltering summer warm at the city’s many public pools. No should head to the shore (not that we don’t love the beach), because there are plenty the pool alternatives for you to dive into throughout the region — because that free!

Before heading the end to display off those Olympic swim skills, be sure to examine if your regional pool-of-choice is open. Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation Department recently announced the 22 of the city’s outdoor website would stay closed this year because of lifeguard shortages. (Out that those remaining closed, 73 percent of castle are situated in Philly neighborhoods with a median revenue of less than $40,000, as reported by the Inquirer.) The remaining 47 pools will certainly be opened at assorted points transparent the season. Operating times additionally differ because that each location, therefore be certain to find the pool Finder app for to update on swimming hours, cost-free lessons, and swim team activities.

The list listed below details when each pool will be open and operating, starting June 30th.

Citywide Public swimming pool Hours

Daily: Noon to 5 p.m.Refer come your pool of choice for days and also times of open up swim, family swim, and adult swim.

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Public Pools in Philly

Already open

J. Finnegan Playground (6801 Grovers Ave., 19142)Mander Playground (2140 N. 33rd St., 19121)Samuel Recreation Center (3539 Gaul St., 19134)Vogt Recreation Center (4131 Unruh Ave., 19135)

July 1st

Bridesburg Recreation Center (4625 Richmond St., 19137)Francisville Playground (1737 Francis St., 19130)Lackman Playground (1101 Bartlett St., 19115)Simpson Recreation Center (1010 Arrott St., 19124)

July 2nd

Barry Playground (1800 Johnston St., 19145)Cobbs Creek Recreation Center (280 Cobbs Creek Pkwy., 19139)Kendrick Recreation Center (5822 Ridge Ave., 19128)Northern liberties Recreation Center (321 Fairmount Ave., 19123)

July 3rd

American Legion Playground (6201 Torresdale Ave., 19135)Cherashore Playground (851 W. Olney Ave., 19120)Fox chase Recreation Center (7901 Ridgeway St., 19111)Murphy Recreation Center (300 W. Shunk St., 19148)

July 6th

Marian Anderson Recreation Center (740 S. 17th St., 19146)Hancock Playground (1401 N. Hancock St., 19122)Heitzman Recreation Center (2136 Castor Ave., 19134)Kelly Pool (4231 Landsdowne Dr., 19131)Max Myers Playground (1601 Hellerman St., 19149)

July 7th

Cione Playground (2600 E. Aramingo Ave., 19125)Mitchell Playground (3700 Whitehall Ln., 19114)Penrose Playground (1101 W. Susquehanna Rd., 19122)Pleasant Playground (6757 Chew Ave., 19119)Vare Recreation Center (2600 Morris St., 19145)

July 8th

Houseman Recreation Center (5091 Summerdale Ave., 19124)Jacobs Playground (4500 Linden Ave., 19114)Kingsessing Recreation Center (4901 Kingsessing Ave., 19143)Sacks Playground (400 Washington Ave., 19147)Schmidt Playground (113 W. Ontario St., 19140)

July 9th

Awbury Recreation Center (6101 Ardleigh St., 19138)Christy Recreation Center (728 S. 55th St., 19143)Jardel Recreation Center (1400 Cottman Ave., 19111)Martin Luther King Recreation Center (2101 Cecil B. Moore Ave., 19121)Stinger Square (1400 S. 32nd St., 19146)

July 10th

Athletic Recreation Center (1400 N. 26th St., 19121)Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center (2551 N. 22nd St., 19132)Feltonville Recreation Center (4726-4700 Ella. St., 19120)Shepard Recreation Center (5700 Haverford Ave., 19131)Tustin Playground (5901 W. Columbia Ave., 19151)

Opening date TBD

Norman (Butch) Ellis Playground (700 N. 39th St., 19104)Otis T. Ford Recreation Center (609 Snyder Ave., 19148)Lee cultural Center (4328 Haverford Ave., 19104)Lonnie Young Recreation Center (1100 E. Chelten Ave., 19138)O’Connor Pool (2601 southern St., 19146)Scanlon Playground (1099 E. Tioga St., 19134)

To aid you find the pool nearest you, below is a map the all the public pools open in philadelph this summer.