While this main featured a return that a previously reviewed foundation, The Maybelline to the right Me structure to be exact, this week’s make up bag had a brand new face color board in it. I offered the Kenia Ontiveros Beauty collection and define Kit that come in mine July Boxy Charm Premium. That is an interesting palette as it has actually a white/translucent powder, a setting powder, a highlighter, contour, dark contour and also bronzer.

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The Mattify flour went top top well and worked together a pretty an excellent face powder. My issue was the pan size. While the pans are fairly great sized lock are situated rather close together since they space in a palette. The palette is six inches by four inches in situation you are wondering. Each pan is an inch and also a half square. Generally, this is a great sized pan.

Top heat Swatches, Mattify, Set, and also Highlight (L come R)

Unfortunately, my normal powder brush likes a little an ext space to spread out out. Once I dipped it into the Mattifying powder it choose up the mattifying powder and some that the setup powder and also the contour powder. For this reason I had to dig out a smaller powder brush and use the instead. I think I finished up utilizing a blush brush.

 I understand that sounds a little bit whiny, but each morning i kept reaching for my consistent powder brush the end of habit, then had to adjust it out. In addition, due to the fact that I was utilizing a blush brush, it looked like a blush brush and also I occasionally got hold of the brush i was utilizing for blush rather of the one i was utilizing for powder. It was a little of a mess and it kinda threw me off. With face powder, I usually stick to assets that room in their own compacts. And also with this i realized why.

I like challenge palettes generally, yet I usually stick to the blush, bronzer highlight and also contour palettes. I’m not certain I favor the flour in there. Ns think for traveling it could be quite so ns wouldn’t need to pack separate powders, return I typically pack a powder compact in mine purse anyway. It is something I take trip with and also something I just generally include to mine purse in situation I require a touch up.

I know that’s sort of a long winded method to to speak the mattifying powder was okay, however not really good enough for me to gain over my annoyance and want come reach for this palette. 

It wasn’t aided out by the setup powder either. While it too is an okay powder, it came up slightly yellow on mine skin tone. It’s a good product, just not mine color.

I am however in love v the highlighter. The is rather frankly the star that the palette. While the is pink toned when first applied, as soon as blended, the highlighter offered me a subtle glow that seemed more golden in tone. It was a yes, really nice ethereal highlighter the is perfect because that office wear or a quite night out. Not that i’m going out much, yet it functioned really unique on mine zoom calls. If they market this highlighter individually, ns would think about picking it increase to include to my collection.

The bottom row: Contour, Dark Contour, and also Bronzer (L come R)

The contour, dark contour and bronzer, no so much. The colors space nice in the swatches yet on the skin I discovered them patchy and hard come blend. They wanted to stay specifically where I put them as soon as I applied it. Whereby the brush touched under was their brand-new home. Therefore I finished up v lines that just weren’t blending out. I ended up making use of my foundation brush to shot and blend them out, basically using the foundation left top top the brush to kind of erase the contour and bronze. 

Which isn’t really the point.

This color pension retails because that $42 on the Kenia Ontiveros beauty site. In the hand the feels an ext like a $20 palette. In the end usage, ns am maintaining it because that the highlighter (because i really love the highlighter) and also will most likely use the Mattify flour every time i pull the out. It will certainly be a ‘you can not have any type of pudding if you nothing eat your meat’, scenario whereby if I desire to usage the highlighter I must make myself use the powder. That means I’ll at least use 2 of the six assets in the palette. Although ns think top top those weeks, I’ll take it my constant powder brush the end of the restroom so i can’t accidentally take it.

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Normally, ns would short article my eyeshadow palette of the week testimonial next, however to be ethical even though i pulled one eyeshadow palette out to use, ns didn’t usage it. I preserved things very basic this week. Mine morning assembly looked prefer I was attempting some type of speed record. My makeup bag finished up really lip product hefty while my eyes mostly gained a dash that mascara, admittedly ns really chosen this week’s mascara.

I think I can have offered a various lip product each day.

So there will certainly be no eyeshadow palette testimonial this week. (There will certainly be a second unrelated write-up up in its location though).

And my makeup bag evaluation will feature a the majority of talking about my lips. For those together lip product obsessed together I am, enjoy, and also for those not, same warning and all apologies. Yet next week my schedule resumes miscellaneous approaching normality. Therefore no super speedy makeup. Which is good for me due to the fact that this main I also had a new eyeliner ns really wanted to shot but no get around to. So following week, the eyes have it.