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Since the dawn the RPG games, over there has always been the idea that us wanna struggle level 100 before we even get out of the tutorial.

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Well this might not always be possible. But grinding is definitely component of the package v level-based RPGs favor Kingdom Hearts.

Even despite it is not my usual speed, it’s pretty straightforward to find locations to level increase in KH2. No matter where you room in your playthrough, there’s a spot simply waiting because that you to spend hrs there slashing heartless (or nobodies) right into oblivion.

Twilight Town


Starting small, we’re looking right into the opening hrs of the video game in the station of Awakening.

Don’t concern though. All of Roxas’s XP acquired here will transfer to Sora under the line.

The nobodies in this collection of rooms provide decent XP, so it deserve to prove valuable to spend some time in this spot and level up.

Or once you’re past this tutorial and also you actually get into Twilight Town, you can keep grind nobodies in the forst area (or near the mansion area).

And just like with plenty of rooms in the game, leaving and re-entering will respawn the enemies.

Just save in mind that this an approach will only work-related to a point, as the XP gained from the nobodies will become less and less reliable as friend gain more levels.

Not to mention that you’ll do no development with drive creates as Roxas.

I’d say this at an early stage tutorial phase might prove advantageous to glow increase a couple of levels, yet then it’d be time to move on.

The soil of Dragons


There room plenty of locations in Mulan’s people where Heartless spawn.

But because that the first visit, the Mountain Trail may be the most reliable spot.

This is additionally a helpful area because that leveling up Valor Form, due to the fact that one hit equates to 1XP.

However, the assault Rider Heartless will often appear here and around the whole world. And they autumn a ton of drive orbs which provides the Antechamber (and the surrounding areas) among the best spots to level increase the Master type too.

Space Paranoids


Starting native Pit Cell, defeat all the Heartless up until you reach the Solar Sailor.

Then leaving the world and return again.

You deserve to use this an approach to save spawning and also fighting Heartless for quite a while. And the Solar sailor does not must be in activity for an ext enemies come spawn.

This is a great location for regular XP, along with leveling increase Valor and Wisdom drive forms.

Especially due to the fact that full heartless kills room what actually approve the Wisdom kind XP.

Radiant Garden


Now this is the an initial world you visit with Sora’s new drive mechanic.

It can be way to know that if you choose to leaving a civilization while her drive mode is activated, the meter will be in ~ max whenever girlfriend return to any world.

This enables for simpler grinding in any type of area with a save point nearby.

Much later into the game (in KH 2.5), start Transport come Remembrance enables for waves of Nobodies come appear, all of them giving you lot of of XP.

The just real catch to this area is the it’s not terribly viable uneven you’re at least level 50 already.

The people That never Was


TWTNW has a most grind spots precious noting.

The an initial being Memory Skyscraper.

This area is useful for leveling Wisdom type – since again, gaining kills through this type is key.

The 2nd spot is Naught’s Skyway.

Not only is this an reliable area to knife XP, however it’s also wonderful spot come level up final Form.

More specifically, Final kind gains XP from beating Nobodies.

In fact, it might be much more substantial to run though every one of The world That never ever Was to obtain XP for final Form. That all good here!

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