Darksiders III may not have received together flattering a reception together its predecessors, however it is an enjoyable suffer in its own right, through a story the ties in rather well v overarching narrative. The third installment in the Darksiders franchise comes six years after the sequel, so expectation were naturally high. Fans of the first two titles seem to have taken worry with the brand-new gameplay mechanics, which force players to take a more tactical strategy to combat, with many elements seemingly inspired from from Software’s notoriously complicated Dark Souls and also Bloodborne series.

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The story, ~ above the other hand, retains lot of the oomph. Though, arguably, not rather as satisfying together that the the original, the Darksiders 3 storyline has its very own twists and also turns and also shocking revelations to boot. Much like in Darksiders 2, few of these can only be seen if the right an option is made in ~ a details point in the game. If girlfriend sought out this article, girlfriend probably currently know what we’re talking about. Towards the end of the game, the video game presents you v a choice: kill the demon Abraxis or the lord of Hollows. This is the only time you are asked to make a decision that effects the ending, and while there isn’t yes, really a “right” decision, over there is one the yields the most benefits in the it reveals an ext of the story and is most likely the “true” ending the will link up through the next game in the series.


You can kill both Abraxis and also the lord of Hollows if you want to try your hand at both boss fights in the same playthrough. You may additionally skip the entire affair together its conclusion is not forced to end up the game. Agreeing to death the lord of Hollows will allow you come skip a fight v Abraxis and view a cutscene in i beg your pardon the demon reveals that his master is, i beg your pardon you may have already guessed. Also if you missed the referrals to the occasions of the an initial game in your maiden chat v Abraxis, know that his master is revealed in the endgame cutscene nevertheless of the choice you make here.

If you want to acquire the game’s true ending and also snag the A Parting Gift achievement while you’re in ~ it, friend will have to kill Abraxis and select to spare the mr of Hollows.

Caution: Spoilers ahead! We’ve tried come steer clean of any significant revelations or plot twists so you can experience the story on your own, but some spoiler were simply unavoidable offered the nature that the content.

How to gain the secret or “True” Darksiders 3 Ending

Note the the game will not guide you to one of two people encounter, but you will need to conclude the affair prior to you go v the rift in former of the church close to Haven come fight Pride. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already had a chat with Abraxis. If not, the demon deserve to be discovered in The Scar area, beyond an diverted cliff v a tornado the you can use to reach a surrounding scaffolding. Instead of utilizing the Storm hollow to float to the scaffolding, rise the other direction to enter a cavern right over the cliff. The elevator inside will take you come the demon’s chamber.

Fury confronts Abraxis, demanding to understand why the mr of Hollows has asked her to kill him, come which the demon responds through a counter-offer: death the lord of Hollows instead. Choose to kill Abraxis and also you will have actually a moderately daunting boss fight on your hands perfect which returns the soul of Abraxis.

The following step will be to use Serpent Holes to take trip to the Chamber of the lord of Hollows. After ~ a an extensive chat, you will be gift with an additional choice. Selecting to spare the mr of Hollows right here will yield the Mysterious stone Sigil, which alters both Fury’s endgame encounter with the charred Council and also the game’s post-credits scene.


It likewise unlocks the A Parting Gift achievement/trophy.

We won’t damn how precisely this changes the ending, but if you’ve played with the initial Darksiders and even roughly remember the story, friend are likely to identify a reference to the exact same in the altered post-credits scene.

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