Here's every the vital Kingdom Come Deliverance advice you need, including combat basics, controls, cheats, armor and also weapons, and also much more.

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Armor have the right to be tricky to grasp in Kingdom Come Deliverance, as as soon as you"ve acquired your hand on a safety outfit, you"ll need to maintain it transparent the game. In this Kingdom Come Deliverance armor guide, we"ll be walking you through how to fix armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and also how to typically wash and clean your gear.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Armor Types

In Kingdom Come Deliverance, there are 5 main varieties of armor in the game:

Plate ArmorMailleBrigandineGambesonLamellar Armor

Although over there are only five varieties of armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance, there room a lot much more armor slot for Henry to complete with. Simply below, we’ve detailed all the obtainable slots for armor the Henry have the right to equip, and which certain items can go into said slots.

4 head armor slot - because that helmets, arming caps, coifs, and necklaces/capes/cloaks.6 hand armor slot - for shields, melee weapons, ranged weapons, bolts/shafts, and also two ring slots.6 chest armor slots - for hoods, chest armor likes bowl or Brigandes, shirts, tabards, and also gauntlets.4 foot armor slot - for padding, and footwear such as boots or shoes.

But just how do you go around acquiring armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance? because that a start, the easiest means to achieve gear in the game is to just loot the corpses of your fallen enemies. Otherwise, friend can discover merchants in Talmberg and Samopesh the will market you a few armor items prefer jackets and other relatively low level armor items.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Armor Stats

How should you go about deciding i beg your pardon armor to purchase and also equip in Kingdom Come Deliverance? for a start, the best armor in the video game is constantly the most expensive, so you’ll find the ideal armor in the game exclusively from merchants in towns and also cities.

Aside indigenous this, you’ll have to decide i beg your pardon armor item you want to equip, based upon their stats. Every armor items in Kingdom Come Deliverance has stab, slash, and also blunt defense statistics, and additional, non-combat statistics like Noise and Charisma, i m sorry obviously affect both ability levels because that Henry as soon as equipped.


Therefore, armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance is a balancing act. The the strongest player in the video game will it is in ideally protected versus slash, stab, and also blunt assaults by their armor items, and while one armor item might be doing not have in the stab attribute for example, you must use another item to cover this gap in your defence.

How to Repair your Armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Your armor has actually a ‘health’ value in the menu systems the Kingdom Come Deliverance, which you have the right to see underneath each item in the list menu. To pay someone to repair her armor for you, you need only to visit a Blacksmith, Armorsmith, or Swordsmith out in the open human being of Kingdom Come, all of which have the right to be uncovered in most significant towns or settlements. Save in mind that it’ll cost you to get someone to fix your gear for you in this manner, so it’s ideal to usage this service only as soon as your armor and/or weapons space in a reasonably dire state.

Otherwise, you deserve to repair her weapons and armor all by yourself by levelling increase your maintenance Skill. At first you have the right to only use Grindstones to repair her swords, but doing this will certainly level increase your maintenance Skill, which will certainly in turn allow you come purchase and find armor kits to repair your equipped clothing and weapons.


You have the right to use one Armorer’s Kit come repair her armor, a Blacksmith’s Kit to repair her weapons, and also an Tailor’s Kit to settle your clothing. These come in two forms: small, and regular size kits. The smaller kits will carry out less the a repair an increase to your items, when the continuous kits will be much more effective at gaining your gear ago into shape.

How to Clean your Armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Although you’ll find Bathtubs scattered about the world of Kingdom Come Deliverance i m sorry you have the right to use come clean yourself, this won’t in reality clean your armor or equipped apparel items. To clean her clothing and also armor, you’ll require a visit a Bathhouse, which deserve to be discovered in most significant towns in the game. Visiting a Bathhouse will expense you however, therefore make sure to just visit the if you haven’t for at the very least a couple of hours.

Although you could not think it, maintaining your armor and also clothing reasonably clean deserve to actually influence your reputation and social standing in Kingdom Come Deliverance. The state of your apparel affects your Charisma stat, which consequently affects your Speech Skill, i m sorry governs exactly how likely you space to be able to char, people and also persuade castle while talk to them.

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