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Alright, so I finally finished Konya wa tuski. It's just 35 chapters long, but I to speak "finally" due to the fact that I had actually to struggle to reach the end. Not due to the fact that it drags on, but since it wasn't much of an enjoyable read. I honestly thought about dropping this manga countless times, yet I ongoing going since I felt i just had actually to compose a review for it. Oh, also. This review might contain spoilers. Not as well much, though. I believe.There's likewise a TL;DR in the end, because it ended up being too long of a review.--STORY-- 6/10The synopsis seems to be a little vague, so ns will shot to explain a little about the premise. I might spoil, however most that these points are defined near the beginning.It starts v a young guy who is intended to be viewed as a freak, since he is obsessive through cleaning. We watch him around school, trying to confess come his childhood friend who everyone loves too! either way, after some time, the realises that his love has turned into... Bloodlust?! What?!Apparently it's a virus that has been going approximately that transforms your love right into bloodlust. (That's it. How do you gain infected? v the air? with touch? No idea! the is never ever addressed.) They likewise get incredibly strong and obtain an "unexplained ability" relying on who their loved one is.Overall, an amazing premise that ns haven't seen prior to but it wasn't really that attractive.-After thing 9, the school setting is dropped and we have actually to attend to a fight between two establishments that head in the direction of the very same thing: finding a cure to the virus. This, that course, isn't a new thing checked out in manga, however at this point I yes, really didn't care. It also changes indigenous a gore manga come a shonen style.--ART-- 7/10The arts is probably one the the great aspects that this manga. The is fairly polished, fine defined and detailed in gore scenes. The expressions characters made to be alright. Ns liked once the protagonist smiled in the gore scenes, the really seemed to be enjoy it himself. Backgrounds looked yes, really nice too. Later on on, the gore is almost fully dropped or readjusted to her usual shonen quantity of blood. It's naught from one more world, specifically in parts focused in dialogue, however I can say it's, generally, over average.. Fights are basic to follow, and also are simply alright. Lock usually obtain a power surge from bloodlust or love.--CHARACTERS-- This is where things get... A little more complicated, I'd say?Now I'm gonna talk about protagonist, members that his team, members the the enemy team, and lastly, love interest and also Mastermind. Many of this guys show up after thing 10 therefore watch out for that, ns guess? It come out really long, so i will perform a TL;DR in ~ the bottom.⨀Kamishiro, the protagonist, has an it s okay introduction. Us are supposed to watch him as type of a weird, weak, and scaredy guy. He is fear of confessing, that likes cleaning a lot and might it is in pushed roughly but that is the janitor of his class. The is additionally seen together timid in comparison to his ideal friend and love interest, Hanazono. -Character development: he gets some development, but it feels prefer it comes the end of nowhere. After thing 10, aka only a 1 month timeskip, the is suddenly more serious, not scared by anything at all, nor is he afraid of confrontation. He now believes in the "power that love" and also friendship and also basically becomes method more mean of a protagonist 보다 before. If i recall correctly, we only see him cleaning like three time (even when that offered to be his main character trait), therefore he also lost that.-Character design: typical hair, median height, median weight, median face. The likes cleaning though! 3/10⨀The members of Rudiment, or the protagonist's team, are likewise a bunch the stereotypical or average guys. We have actually the energetic, quick tempered man who to trust in friendship and also has spiky hair. The quiet, intelligent, glass wearing guy who is the strategist. The quick girl who had actually a traumatic past and also looks kinda typical too however loves the protagonist. The physician is additionally the "older woman that drinks but can it is in serious" type. Climate we have actually Neibu, that is more than likely the only interesting guy in the team. The is foreign, has kind that a monster hairstyle, is the leader and is really smart but isn't afraid to display his feelings because that his teamates and always seems to think ahead. Before chapter 9, the is seen as a very dangerous man, someone who is attached to numerous deaths and likewise makes a scary and threatening confront towards the protagonist. He never ever makes this confront again. He additionally has some sort of... Keychain thing? it is never explained but it is presented a lot. -Character development: ns don't think we ever saw any kind of development. Ns guess the glasses male learnt to forgive the one that hurt his love and to manage his bloodlust, and the girl was beginning to leave his ex behind and also started loving the protagonist. Is it really a spoiler? It's obvious the second time we check out her. -Character design: besides Neibu, who I already described, the doctor is the 2nd one in state of interesting design. And also that's since she has actually a black lock of hair! The others are an extremely average. Character tropes that I've already seen many times. 5/10 ⨀The members that C.I.D, or the opponent team, is actually the only exciting one in regards to design. The leader are almost never seen, except the head the the organization and also the fact that they understand Neibu. I don't remember if their link was actually ever before shown. I will be talking around the Zero formation though, because it's the just one we actually ever really saw. We have actually Hayashi, a girl who has been apathetic her entirety life, and was never bothered by killing. A guy with no name that goes by "Human", Punkyuu a goth gamer, and the monster doctor. None of them are infected with the virus. Weird, due to the fact that they are constantly in contact with the infected. Again, how people get the virus is never ever really specified.-Character development: Hayashi, the main character from C.I.D learns about her very own feelings, and becomes some type of... Yandere? yet she wants to death her lover who, gasp! Is the protagonist. Punkyuu additionally seems to have actually some feelings because that him ~ losing. She doesn't recognize why, and also it is never really developed. Person is presented to it is in a *spoilers* cyborg who was heavily experimented with. Besides that, nobody yes, really gets lot backstory or development.-Character design: Seems prefer the author finally determined to let go through creativity and ended up making some cool characters, in ~ last. First, Hayashi. She does have plain black color hair and also bangs, yet she has really deep eyes and also seems to it is in forcing her smile quite a lot. She is constantly rubbing she cheeks i m sorry I discover kind of... Intriguing? Punkyuu is, rather literally, a goth gamer. I love the definition. She spouts video game combos if fighting, and she can see she HP levels and also Power ups and stuff. I prefer her. Person is additionally an enigmatic character. First, his name. Well, that doesn't really "like names" therefore he calls self human. That doesn't have a reason to fight and is so often bored by it, preventing in the center of a fight. The is incredibly strong, due to the fact that his body was modified to have actually "12 different strike strategies", from guns in his finger to knives and also a monster vertebrae tentacle thing? He additionally has a knit chullo hat. I prefer his style too. The physician is rather fascinating too. He has actually a mohawk, and seems come know around everything keep going around. He doesn't really interfere, that is simply there to watch what's going on. This kind of character is no uncommon, yet it is fine executed. 7.5/10⨀Hanazono, the key love interest, is plain. Her arrival shows she to be strong, she simply kicks Kamishiro in the back, and also we gain an idea that she is sporty and also a childhood friend. Everyone appears to be attracted to her, so naturally, many infectees desire to kill her. I guess the was the sole point of her presence in the first place. After thing 9, it is revealed she is likewise infected! (Big surprise!, especially because literally everyone is infected end there.) She then demands to be saved by key Character. It end up being the "I provided to safeguard you when we to be kids yet now girlfriend (mc) finished up saving me" situation.-Character Development: as I stated, she start being quite energetic, forcing Kamishiro to go out and also being nice come everyone who confesses come her. Basically, perfect well-known girl. After chapter... What, 2? She end up acquiring partial amnesia; after chapter 9, she it s okay infected and also is dreadful strong. She is climate quiet and also reserved and also is right seen, due to the fact that she needs to it is in rescued indigenous the hands of The Mastermind.-Character Design: as with Kamishiro, mean face, mean weight, mean personality. She has actually blonde, medium lenght hair. That's.. What else have the right to I possibly say? 3/10⨀The Mastermind (so as to not spoil that they are, though at this suggest I guess friend don't yes, really care about spoilers). As soon as we are provided a hint around his identity in chapter 14 i just uncovered myself yawning. If you have actually read any manga comparable to this, you would certainly inmediately understand who the is. It's not a surprised at all, and his character is unoriginal. He is the usual "bastard" character. His visual architecture is level too. He is shorter than mean though! 1.5/10--TL;DR--Story is above mediocre, in ~ best. Starts out favor a gore manga, ends up being average shonen. Art is above average too. The fights space alright. It has "power that love" shenanigans . Main personalities are an extremely unoriginal. The "villain" team has very an excellent character designs, but no backstory whatsoever. Many small things are left unexplained. Yes, ns am aware there seems to it is in a sequel, but as the now, I will not bother analysis it. Is it worth it? Depends. If you're here for the gory, well drawn scenes, climate I would recommend reading up to thing 9 and then the one-shot in thing 13.