every guests should prove that they room at least 16 year of age (or at least 13 years of age and also accompanied through a parental or legit guardian) and also sign a waiver of legal responsibility to usage club facilities; a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver of legal responsibility on behalf of guests under 18 years of age. A current picture ID (with bear date) must be presented for admittance to the facility. This free pass have to be triggered within 30 days native the date emailed and once set off at the club, the happen is valid for 3 consecutive days because that you and a friend. Overcome issued for over 1 month will certainly not be honored. Limit of one free pass per human being every 6 months. Guests cannot use consecutive passes for admittance come the basic or other LA FitnessCity sports locations. A fitness analysis must it is in filled out and guest must have actually an orientation through a membership counselor prior to using a pass. Member and/or an individual training choices may be presented. Amenities and classes may vary by club. Extra fee for some amenities including courts, leagues, personal training and Kids’ Klub (babysitting) Not available for resale or redeemable because that cash. This happen cannot be offered or noted for revenue on-line auction sites such as eBay or uBid. Any kind of such revenue or listing is prohibited and will void the pass. Redeemable by non-members only. LA FitnessCity sports Esporta Fitness is functioning in conjunction v the police room to insure that no plot of misconduct happen within the facility.
By checking the box and clicking "Email cost-free Guest Pass," friend authorize Fitness International, LLC and its affiliates to send friend marketing and non-marketing message messages, and marketing call calls, consisting of via autodialer, and you consent to get such messages and calls in ~ the number above.

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post frequency is recurring. Her consent is not a required problem of any purchase. Message and also data rates may apply. To stop receiving messages, message STOP. Clicking "Email totally free Guest Pass" also constitutes your digital signature to, and agreement with, the foregoing. By click ‘Email totally free Guest Pass,’ you additionally agree to our terms & Conditions, which include an agreement to arbitrate and also other necessary terms, and our Privacy Policy. If friend don’t wish to sign up for message messages in ~ this time, you deserve to pick increase a complimentary guest happen in human at your nearest club!

By click "Email cost-free Guest Pass", you additionally accept the guest happen terms and also conditions above. Passes are redeemable by non-members only. Users should sign a waiver of liability. Limit one pass per person, per six months. Membership and/or an individual training options may it is in presented.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hrs of procedure and accessible amenities might vary through club. Some amenities may be in the interim closed and protocols i beg your pardon may encompass (but are not restricted to) social distancing, occupancy limits, and also screening needs will be it was observed in compliance with state government guidelines and local public health mandates.


To the fullest degree permitted by law, i hereby acknowledge and also agree to the following:

(1) assumption of Risk. Usage of any facilities, services, devices or premises in ~ a fitness club (collectively, “Facilities”) involves risks of injury to mine person and property and to the human or residential or commercial property of any kind of minor for whom I have guardianship and also have requested or allowed entry come or usage of such a society (including the use of “Kids Klub” services) (a “Minor”); by engaging in together use, or by allow such use by a Minor, i voluntarily accept and assume complete responsibility because that such risks.

(2) Waiver the Liability. Fitness International, LLC, that is successors, affiliates and related entities (including Fitness & sporting activities Clubs, LLC and also LAF Canada Company), and their particular directors, officers, members, managers, employees, volunteers, elevation contractors, and agents (collectively, "FI") will certainly not be liable for any kind of injury to my human being or building or to the human or property of any kind of Minor. On instead of of myself, my heirs (including any Minors), personal representatives and also assigns, i hereby release, discharge and hold not authorised FI native any and all liability and also claims developing from mine use, or any type of Minor’s use, that the Facilities, including, but not limited to, every liability and also claims emerging from an individual injury (including death), crashes or illness, and damage to, lose of, or theft of property, whether led to by the active or passive negligence that FI, and also I agreement not to sue FI with respect to, and I waive any and all cases that i may have actually now or in the future against FI for, any liability occurring from my use, or any Minor’s use, that the Facilities. This paragraph (2) is specifically void and unenforceable and also not a part of this commitment in brand-new York and Massachusetts.

(3) Authorization to Contact. By providing my phone call number or e-mail address, i authorize the operator that this society or that is affiliates to call me regarding promotions or distinct events, nevertheless of whether ns am ~ above a carry out Not call registry.

I further understand and also agree the I might not use any of the infrastructure at this club uneven I am an authorized guest of either a member or a permitted vendor, or unless especially authorized by society staff. Some constraints on my ability to use the facilities may apply.

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If any provision above is null, void or unenforceable under applicable law, the shall be deemed omitted and shall not apply, however the other provisions above shall remain in effect.

I, identify that i am of legitimate age and I hereby consent to the usage of an digital signature to record my commitment with the terms of this free Guest Pass as of Sunday, November 7, 2021.