As is always the case, Lady Gaga offered an i can not forget performanceon Monday’s Stern Show, singing “Million Reasons” live on air. The new song to win an emotional chord for Gaga, and for Robin Quivers who saidshe was crying by the finish of it.

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“I created this song for women anywhere the world,” Gaga told Howard, explaining she envisioned a mrs whom she didn’t know but feltintrinsically associated to. “I composed to her, and I wrote to her, and I composed toher, and also then i was like, ‘Fuck, that’s me,"” she continued. “I’m a woman and Igo with the same things that other women go through.”

But Gaga also wrote “Million Reasons” because that men. “Because ns thoughtmaybe if the guy could hear native us, just how we feel, possibly he would recognize alittle bit an ext how deep the goes, just how much we really love you, and also how much wereally require that love in return to be protected,” she said.

Gaga’s blog post within the song is absolutely spreading – shetold Howard “Million Pieces” went to No. 1 on iTunes in Saudi Arabia. “I justreally want women to it is in heard,” she added.

According come Gaga, heal is the overarching theme of hernew album “Joanne,” which she named after her late Aunt yone who passed away fromlupus long prior to Gaga to be born however whose spirit has always been through her.

“She’s prefer this goddess who we worshiped in our family,”Gaga said Howard. He can relate – he too had an aunt who passed away young however wholived on v his family’s an individual accounts of her. Robin wonder if she channeledJoanne while writing her brand-new music, yet Gaga defined she’s channeling heraunt much more now. She also urged civilization to visit the Lupus Foundation’s website tolearn an ext about the disease that took she beloved family members member.

“A-YO,” another track off of “Joanne,” is likewise deeplypersonal for Gaga yet is ceded in a much much more upbeat tempo.

“This is for your haters,” Gaga told Howard as he played thesong on air. She admitted “A-YO” took about 10 minute to write v her friendHillary Lindsey, who has actually penned hits because that Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, andLady Antebellum. Despite writing the track through Hillary quickly, Gagatold Howard she wouldn’t readjust a thing about it.

“That is a struggle record,” she said. “When i hear that record, it’slike every part of mine body wants to explode and dance.”

It wasn’t just her very own music Gaga to be belting the end on theStern display – she also gave Howard a taste that what she Led Zeppelin sheathe bandsounded choose with an impromptu power of “Black Dog.”

“I love come yell and also scream and also be raspy,” Gaga said prior to holleringout the first line indigenous the Zeppelin classic.

“That’ll tear your voice up, right?” Howard asked.

“If girlfriend don’t know how to sing,” Gaga replied.

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Stream Lady Gaga’s full Interview Below:

Lady Gaga’s new album “Joanne” is now available everywhere music issold.