Welcome come the website because that the Laughlin room of Commerce, the Laughlin tourism Commission, and also the Laughlin travellers Center. Us love our tourists throughout the year, and also we love life here. Yet we are more than simply a casino resort neighborhood with remarkable recreational opportunities. We are serious about discoverhotmail.com, economic development, and investment opportunities.

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We are here to assist support our existing discoverhotmail.comes, encourage brand-new discoverhotmail.com and also growth, and ultimately carry dreams to life. That consists of innovative services for members such as an imaginative graphic design, assertive marketing, education opportunities, networking, and referrals.

In addition to the service side, the chamber is hold to the visitor’s center and a an essential promoter of the funny side the our distinct community. Girlfriend can uncover adventure, entertainment, and recreation for all ages, together with accommodations and great food in ~ a few minutes in 3 states, 3 counties and two time zones!

We are the southern gateway to the Lake Mead national Recreation Area and also Lake Mohave. The refresh clean and clear waters of ours lakes and also rivers provide a relaxing way to travel v the tri-state in a boat, wave runner, canoe, or tour vessel.

The an ar is complete of day expedition adventures come the west cool Canyon, las Vegas, and also Lake Havasu City. Our backroads and highways, consisting of the historical “Route 66” scenic byways, administer the auto/RV traveler, motorcyclist, and also bicyclist with the open an are to reap a an excellent ride. Our desert trails and dirt roadways accommodate our hiking and also OHV enthusiasm on horseback, UTV’s, 4X4 vehicles, and mountain bikes.

If girlfriend are in search of something a little an ext permanent, the area is complete of culture, new air, scenic beauty, and employment methods for those who desire come relocate. The area has actually been well-known as a height ten retirement neighborhood in Nevada (Laughlin) and the most affordable place to live in Arizona (Bullhead City). Museums and beautiful parks abound. Senior care, aided living, 55+ active communities, two hospitals, adult and also youth sporting activities, much more than two dozen schools, a college with training and also educational programs because that students and state of the arts libraries.

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You can obtain here indigenous just around anywhere. The Laughlin-Bullhead international Airport has hired flights from our visitor’s most renowned cities throughout the U.S. And Canada. Numerous interstate bus lines prevent here. Amtrak has two stops less than 40 minute away; the ras Vegas McCarran international Airport is just 1.5 hours away and also both have actually connecting shuttle solutions to and from Laughlin.

I have actually proudly referred to as the Tri-State area and Colorado River an ar my home and also workplace for 33 years. Come join me together a resident, a tourist, or an discoverhotmail.comman in a discoverhotmail.com-friendly environment. Welcome to paradise in the desert!Sincerely,