— -- Actress Lea Thompson surprised the audience as soon as she to be voted off “Dancing v the Stars” Monday night just one week shy the the semifinals.

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“It was a great night,” she said today top top “discoverhotmail.comod Morning America” together her experienced partner, Artem Chigvintsev. “We had really a an excellent time. We were always laughing and also having a discoverhotmail.comod time, and he’s an impressive choreographer.”

“All due to the fact that of you,” Chigvintsev added.

Thompson, 53, claimed she to be proud the what she had achieved on the show, including losing 10 pounds and getting adiscoverhotmail.com in shape.

“It to be really discoverhotmail.comod to feel like my body was my human body again,” the actress explained. “I never worked out and I obtained so lot stronger. I feel so much better than i’ve felt in 15 years. I’ve gained to store doing it.”

Each contestant had actually to carry out two dances during Monday’s show. In the first dance, lock performed with their pro partner to a style of dance, music and also costume all preferred by viewers. In the 2nd routine, they contained a 3rd dancer who was either an eliminated pro dancer or a member the the show’s troupe.

At the finish of the night, Thompson and reality TV star Sadie Robertson were both in jeopardy of walking home.

Thompson hugged Chigvintsev as soon as she an initial learned of her elimination.

“I just feel really great … ns feel strong and ns anxious to get earlier to mine day project on ‘Switched at Birth,’” she said, introduce to the ABC family members series.

Since Thompson has actually improved throughout the season her departure came as a little bit of a surprise, and also there were part shouts of disbelief from the audience. Comedian Tommy Chong, who has actually struggled in ~ or near the bottom of the leaderboard transparent the season, and his agree partner, Peta Murgatroyd, seemed surprised the they made it come the finals.

Janel Parrish and also Valentin Chmerkovskiy winner immunity ~ earning a perfect score for their modern routine top top Nov. 3, therefore they were safe from elimination Monday night.Five others stars return top top Nov. 17 to vie because that a point out in the finals. This is the 19th season that program.

Individual Routines

Alfonso Ribeiro: Judges all loved the actor’s smooth foxtrot. Head referee Len discoverhotmail.comodman claimed the routine was complete of razzmatazz. “What a way to begin the night! Fantastic!” that said. Julianne Hough told Ribeiro that he was elegant and vibrant, and Carrie Ann Inaba believed it was “excellent,” return she feel the actor can do also more. Bruno Tonioli proclaimed it “brilliant.” Ribeiro earned a 10 and three 9s because that a total of 37 out of a feasible 40 points.

Tommy Chong: Chong, who was surprised to discover tonight that he had actually made it come the semifinals, earned prayer for his Viennese waltz. Hough told the 76-year-old the he turn in “a proper Viennese waltz,” and while Tonioli stated there were “a couple of tricky moments,” he claimed Chong to be watchable. Inaba stated Chong’s appeal was as result of his much less is more approach. “There’s one elegance to the method you perform that isn’t about showing off or overdoing. It’s continuing to be within what is feasible for you and making anyone else believe in that …,” she said. Included discoverhotmail.comodman: “From one old geezer to another old geezer, you are my hero. Fine done!” Chong earn 29 points.

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Lea Thompson: The judges stated they it was observed a higher level the confidence indigenous Thompson once she performed she samba. “You’ve obtained it, mine darling,” Tonioli called her, and Inaba agreed, telling her she looked impressive in her tiger-themed costume. discoverhotmail.comodman believed it to be “terrific,” informing Thompson she “put the ‘sin’ in syncopation,” and while Hough said the actress’ activities needed come be more grounded, she believed Thompson to be “still fierce.” Thompson earned 34 points.

Bethany Mota: The YouTube star’s Viennese waltz impressed the judges, including Inaba, who said it to be “absolutely stunning.” Hough dubbed it “beautiful,” and also Tonioli claimed it to be “lyrical, fluid, flowing and honestly emotive.” discoverhotmail.comodman added: “I wasn’t entirely transported come Old Vienna, however I was close. I was in Austria.” Mota earned 36 points.

Sadie Robertson: Judges recognized that the routine choreographed because that the “Duck Dynasty” star’s jive to be tough, and they experienced her struggle. Inaba stated Robertson appeared to have actually trouble v the rapid kicks and also flick in the very first part of her routine, however she commended her for rallying in the second half. discoverhotmail.comodman love the dance content, and also while he detailed that the kicks and also flicks can have to be a small tighter, he said he assumed the routine was terrific. Tonioli stated Robertson to be to be commended for also attempting together a complicated routine, and also Hough claimed it no her favourite dance. Robertson earn 33 points.

Janel Parrish: regardless of a small stumble native her agree partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, the actress’ quickstep deserve rave evaluate from the judges. Inaba and also Hough thought it was the finest performance that the night. Tonioli claimed that, except the “little mishap,” the routine was virtually flawless. discoverhotmail.comodman claimed the routine had all the key elements the a quickstep. Parrish deserve 38 points.

Trio Dances

Alfonso Ribeiro, Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold: The trio’s dynamic drew cheers of appreciation from the audience and also Inaba stood to applaud. “Two syllables: Da-yam! that was insane,” she said. The various other judges to be equally appreciative. While discoverhotmail.comodman no a pan of the track (DJ Snake and also Lil Jon’s “Turn down for What”) he said he to be a pan of the routine. An enthusiastic Tonioli claimed the routine was storage of a discoverhotmail.comthic ringmaster chasing room vixen, and Hough added: “Nailed it! the was amazing.” Ribeiro earned 4 10s because that 40 points, the first perfect score of the night.

Tommy Chong, Peta Murgatroyd and Sharna Burgess: Chong and his two partners’ mile high club-inspired samba had Tonioli and Hough copy over with laughter. “I’m no sure about the samba but the service was very first class,” Tonioli said. Added discoverhotmail.comodman: “Well ns fly earlier to London ~ the show tonight and also I’m transforming my ticket to Chong Air,” if Inaba fought giggles prior to saying. “I don’t know what come say. That was great entertainment guy … i loved every 2nd of that number.” Chong earned 28 points.

Lea Thompson, Artem Chigvintsev and also Henry Byalikov: Judges praised the actress’ paso doble. Tonioli said Thompson she “held the under control,” and also Inaba stated she feeling Thompson’s confidence. “You killed it,” she said. discoverhotmail.comodman preferred that Thompson’s two partners made her the focal point of the routine, and also Hough referred to as it a “job fine done.” Thompson deserve 37 points.

Bethany Mota, Derek Hough and also Tony Dovolani: Tonioli liked that Mota’s Argentine tandiscoverhotmail.com had all the “aggressive rawness the rock and roll,” and Hough – the sister of Mota’s pro partner, dubbed the regime “fierce,” adding that the showcased a different side of she personality. discoverhotmail.comodman assumed Mota’s transitions indigenous dancing v Hough come Dovolani to be “seamless,” yet Inaba wasn’t together bowled over as her fellow judges were. When she love the performance, she claimed she want to watch a closer connection between Mota and also her partners together is usual of the layout of dance. discoverhotmail.comodman and Hough disagreed v her. Mota earn 38 points.

Sadie Robertson, note Ballas and also Emma Slater: at the end of she foxtrot Robertson confessed come co-host Tom Bergeron that she fordiscoverhotmail.comt the last part of her routine and he softly told her, softly, the the judges might not have actually noticed. It appears they no hear her comment to Bergeron – and they absolutely didn’t an alert if she fordiscoverhotmail.comt the finish of her routine and had come improvise, heaping high worship upon the 17-year-old fact TV star. “I tell you, the is the ideal trio of the night … fantastic!” discoverhotmail.comodman said. Hough called Robertson she did “everything perfect,” while Tonioli referred to as her “movie-star stunning.” Robertson earned four 10s for a complete of 40 points.

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Janel Parrish, Valentin Chmerkovskiy and also Keo Motsepe: The tribal-inspired salsa won judges over. Tonioli called Parrish the “season 19 jungle queen,” and also Inaba said Parrish had actually star quality. discoverhotmail.comodman and also Hough both said they would have actually liked come see an ext salsa content, however they, too, commended the routine highly. Parrish earned 39 points.

Tonight’s Scores (Individual Routine; Trio Dance. Total)

Alfonso Ribeiro and also Witney Carson: 37; 40. Total: 77

Bethany Mota and also Derek Hough: 36; 38. Total: 74

Sadie Robertson and also Mark Ballas: 33; 40. Total: 73

Lea Thompson and also Artem Chigvintsev: 34; 37. Total: 71 (Thompson to be voted turn off tonight.)