Season 2 episode 8 - The Greatest an excellent

Leah and also Mike sit down v Mimi Faust and also Christi Gordon, who mothers committed much that their stays to the Sea Org.; the women share your harrowing stories of neglect and abandonment, having both paid the greatest price because that the biggest good. Air day : 17th-Oct-2017

Season 2 illustration 1 - Thetans in Young body

Ex-Scientologists Leah Remini and also Mike Rinder continue their mission come expose and give voice come the victim of Scientology practices. Mirriam and Saina, 2 women elevated together within the Church that Scientology’s currently defunct Cadet Org, re-superstructure heartrending stories of abandonment and also sexual abuse. With Leah’s ethical support, castle both take a courageous step toward achieving justice. Air date : 15th-Aug-2017Read More

Season 2 illustration 2 - The Ultimate fail of Scientology

Scientology promises relief from every one of life’s ills, but those experiencing from depression and suicidal ideation regularly feel they have actually nowhere come turn. Hearing the tragic story of Aaron Poulin, a member the the Sea Org that committed suicide at 21, and also Tayler Tweed, who passed away at only 27, only strengthen Leah’s commitment to continue difficult Church practices. Air day : 22nd-Aug-2017Read More

Season 2 illustration 3 - The "Perfect" Scientology household

Liz Gale, a 3rd generation Scientologist, was raised to think that Scientology had the equation to produce the perfect family. Leah and also Mike sit down through her to hear how what was claimed to be “happily ever after” finished in abandonment, death and the death of what could have been the family members that had actually it all. Air day : 29th-Aug-2017Read More

Season 2 episode 4 - The bridge to complete Freedom

In Scientology, the score of every Scientologist is to ascend come the optimal of the "Bridge to full Freedom." Ex-Scientologists Leah Remini and Mike Rinder will certainly lead a round table conversation to breakdown what "The Bridge" is and also why Scientologists spend years of their lives and thousands of dollars to with the coveted top. Air day : 5th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 2 illustration 5 - The increase of David Miscavige

Despite accusations of abuse extending a decade, David Miscavige continues to be the head the the Church of Scientology and also continues to it is in untouchable; former Miscavige associates re-superstructure firsthand accounts of just how he maneuvered his method into power. Air date : 12th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 2 illustration 6 - Scientology and Celebrity: The betrayal of Paul Haggis

Since Scientology’s inception, L. Ron Hubbard had an obsession with getting celebrities right into the Church. Leah and Mike sit down v a previous Scientology celebrity recruiter to learn about the Church’s initiatives to recruit A-listers. Climate Leah and also Mike take trip to NYC to meet with Academy Award-winning film housing Paul Haggis, the first celebrity come speak out against Scientology, because that a an extremely candid conversation about his own an individual journey. Air date : 19th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 2 episode 7 - The Ranches

Promoted together educational camps because that troubled youngsters, former students speak the Mace-Kingsley Ranches were labor camps because that children; previous students describe the hardships they endured, native corporal penalty to difficult living conditions. Air day : 10th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 2 episode 8 - The Greatest great

Leah and Mike sit down through Mimi Faust and Christi Gordon, whose mothers committed much of their stays to the Sea Org.; the women share their harrowing story of neglect and abandonment, having both paid the highest possible price because that the greatest good. Air day : 17th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 2 episode 9 - The company of faith

Scientologists room constantly pressured to salary money to the Church based upon a promise of spirituality salvation. Yet what happens as soon as parishioners asking for your money back? Ex-Scientologists Leah Remini and also Mike Rinder will certainly lead a roundtable discussion, evaluating the contracts that all Scientologists should follow, and how these contracts lock them into financial burdens that can lead come hardship and ruin. Mike and Leah will be join by ex-Sea Org Member Matt Pesch, top Scientology blogger Jeffrey Augustine, in addition to ex-Scientologist luis Garcia, and also his attorney, Ted Babbitt, who are embroiled in a significant lawsuit v the church concerning refunds. Air day : 24th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 2 episode 10 - lifetime of heal

In this very personal episode, Leah sit down v two of she childhood friends, Chantal Dodson and also Sherry Ollins, because that an emotional conversation around their mutual experiences farming up in Scientology. Lock look back on just how their friendship helped them to survive throughout their most challenging times and also how they’re now trying come heal with each rather support. Air day : 31st-Oct-2017Read More

Season 2 illustration 11 - consequences of the aftermath

A an effective update top top Leah’s childhood girlfriend Chantal Dodson. Leah and Mike sit down through Chantal and her mother, Ramina, who reveals the after 42 year in the Church, she made the exceptional decision to leaving Scientology. Also, season one contributors are earlier and share just how their lives have actually been influenced by appearing on the show. Air day : 7th-Nov-2017Read More

Season 2 episode 12 - Propaganda eight

In an initiative to foster a confident public image, The Church the Scientology has actually funded groups whose function is come manufacture a positive perception in the general public eye. Ex-Scientologists Leah Remini and also Mike Rinder will lead a roundtable discussion about the Church’s propaganda arms, examining the techniques the teams employ to front a Scientology agenda. Mike and also Leah will be joined by investigative journalist Tony Ortega, and also ex-Scientologists Quailynn McDaniel and Fred Oxaal, both with endure working because that these Scientology propaganda arms. Air date : 12th-Nov-2017Read More

Season 2 illustration 13 - The Life & Lies the L. Ron hubbard

Leah and also Mike lead a round-table discussion around the life that L. Ron Hubbard and also the provable lies that he told about his life. Air day : 14th-Nov-2017Read More

Season 2 episode 14 - asking Me anything Season 2

Leah answer viewers" questions about the 2nd season of she show. Air day : 21st-Nov-2017Read More


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