Jun Ji-hyun (left) and Lee Min-ho are collection to costar in the upcoming The Legend of the Blue Sea. Jun acknowledged that it took time because that them to gain used to each other during filming. (Bhc, MYM entertain via The Korea Herald/-)

Actress Jun Ji-hyun will go back to the small screen together Shim Chung, a mermaid living in a modern world, in the South korean SBS network’s latest drama The Legend of the Blue Sea.

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Shim Chung is explained as a mermaid originating native the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910) that travels to modern Seoul to look for her loverHeo Joon-jae (Lee Min-ho). Her character and also the story are stated to take impetus from a Joseon tale about a mayor that was saved by a mermaid.

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“Rather than worried, ns was really happy as soon as I very first heard the I would be playing a mermaid,” Jun saidin a recent interviewas quoted by Antara news agency. “I think this function is no something the you commonly findin movies or dramas. I'm an extremely eager come show numerous different points ."

The Legend that the Blue Sea will it is in Jun’s very first television drama due to the fact that the 2013megahit My Love from the Star, where she play the lead duty of Chun Song-yi and also gained recognitionin Korea and from korean drama lovers worldwide.

The actress claimed she decided to take part in The Legend that the Blue Sea due to the fact that it was created by Park Ji-eun, who also wroteMy Love from the Star.

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However, she emphasized that Shim Chung would be various to Chun Song-yi. “Everything will certainly be mysterious and brand-new . Ns think we'llbe maybe to entertain the audience with her expression and acceptance."

Jun included that return filming the series was fun, she would notwant come play a mermaid again. “I choose swimming and also I'm rather athletic, however being in the water and acting together a mermaid yes, really pushes my physical and other limits,” Jun claimed while laughing, citing the she had promised herself she would certainly not pat charactersinvolved v water or fire.

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Aside fromher role, Jun also talked about her costar Lee. She recognized that it took time for themto obtain used to every other.

Lee, that was additionally present in ~ the event, claimed he felt intimidated by Jun in ~ first, return they regulated to get comfortable through each various other in the end.

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“After we obtained comfortable, ours reactions toward each various other got much better and our chemistry came to be smoother, so ns hope this will have a great result,” said the star the Boys over Flowers and also The Heirs.