LG is just one of the best android smartphone makers and LG G3 is among the best products this company launched. Yet we recognize not a single smartphone the is bug-free and that goes because that LG G3 also. Plenty of users room experiencing LG G3 Wi-Fi not connecting issue. For some world the Wi-Fi is not connecting in ~ all, and for part the Wi-Fi drops automatically after connecting. Let’s see just how you have the right to fix this.

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Fixes for LG G3 Wi-fi no Connecting Issue

Here us are mentioning some fixes. Girlfriend can shot them one by one.

Turn off her router, wait for 15-20 seconds and turn it ago on.Take out the battery from your LG G3, put it ago in and also turn your phone on.Navigate to setups > Wi-Fi > long press on your Wi-Fi network and also then tap Forget Network. Then set up the link again.Check if the Battery Saver is on. If so, turn that off.If the Bluetooth on your phone is on, turn it off together it may interfere through Wi-Fi connection sometimes.If you watch the alternative to affix 5 GHz rather of 2.4 GHz, shot it out.Sometimes, overfilled channels reason the LG G3 Wi-Fi no connecting issue. You deserve to install WiFi Analyzer app that mirrors the channels roughly you and also helps you discover the much less crowded ones.Verify through your router manufacturer to ensure that you have actually the latest firmware for the router.

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