The latest software for the G4 T-Mobile is Android 6.0 Marshmallow , software program version H81120x.

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To inspect what variation of softwareisinstalled on her device:

From the house screen, insanity Apps

> settings
> basic tab >Aboutphone

Tap Software info.

View the present software under Software version.

Software Update

When the software update is available, the update icon will screen in the standing bar at the height of the screen. Swipe under from the top and also tap the notification.


Note: If prompted, connect to a Wi-Fi network to download the software program update.

Your an equipment will restart to execute the update.

When the update is complete, your phone will certainly restart and change through a collection of alerts stating Android is upgrading.


If your gadgets has no updated, you deserve to manually check if a brand-new software upgrade is available.

From the home screen, tap Apps

> settings
> basic tab > mechanism updates

Tap Check for brand-new system update to manually inspect for a brand-new update.

You will be prompted if a new software upgrade is available, tap Download now. Continue from Software Update, step 1.

To download Bridge select your operating system:

Connect your mobile maker to your computer system with a USB cable.

On her mobile device, madness the USB notification in the an alert panel.

Tap Media maker (MTP) if not already selected. Media device (MTP) have to be selected before bridge opens.

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Open Bridge, then from the software program update tab click Software update button to inspect for an accessible update.