Crush a bit, little bit, role it up, take a hit <3X>Feeling lit, feeling light, 2 a.m., summer nightHands top top the wheel, uhh-uh, fuck the <3X>Hands on the wheeeeeeeeel!Life because that me is simply weed and also brewsSee the hoes flock to you as soon as your surname is QAm i overfaded? Hell yeah it"s trueTurn a to win on ain"t no border on what I can doSee this peak dog in heat, but I"ma crap the worldI"ma be on tunes "til God refurlsYou satellite me down, I"m quiet tryin to get higherYou looked at me stupid once I twisted the fireMeanwhile mine nigga drunk together fuckA nigga fucked up, we all fucked upYou done fucked up, I brought mo" bluntsSmoke back to up, you niggaz know what"s upToo cursed high, can"t stand myselfI love drunk drivin, man I"m other elseHeat on my side, you"re much more than welcome come meltI"m "bout to end up a pound, you"re an ext welcome come helpHey!Weed and brews, weed and brews, life because that me is simply weed and brews <2X>I fucked her as soon as then I could fuck her twiceYeah friend heard me best I might fuck tonightI fucked her once then I can fuck her twiceYeah girlfriend heard me appropriate I can fuck tonightHands on the wheel, uhh-uh, fuck that <3X>Hands on the wheeeeeeeeel!Wait host up, back in this motherfuckin bitch when againIt"s the pretty motherfucker with a 40 ounce of brewMy nigga Q and we drunker than a bitchWe gettin Millers motherfucker yeah, uhNigga weed and also brews, unbelieveableGot a freak or two, in mine vehicleGot the violet drink, got the yellow drinkThen us mix that up, contact it PikachuA tiny bit of crack, small bit the dopeLittle little bit of smoke, small coke, small weed once they on them pillsLittle little of E, tiny bit of shroomsLittle little bit of deuce, what that do, hand ~ above the wheelsAnd I save the illest, trillest bitches while I"m swaggin itCrush a bit, tiny bit, that"s my quest of happinessYo, yo yo yo - I"m so high up in the motherfuckerCan friend go and get a white girl through a fat ass and also all black like damn!Better however go and get a black girlwith huge tit come act white like all she friendsBones crack-alackin-lackin-lackin-lackin-lack-a-lingMy snake is rat-tat-tat tat-tattlingShe blowin me up like an atom bombinside the a toxicity factoryWhy you so mad at me? Wanna walk underneath?She undercover, never ever goin any type of furtherWanna go and also take a hit of the weedand sip top top this gasolineI can"t believe what I"m seeinYo" ass too phat in lock jeansSo! let me demonstrate, mother and also them hatingBetween she cheek, what she make? LemonadeWith mine tangerines, head tighter than a braidComin ago from the supermarket through some great A eggs!Yeah, ha ha ha ha ha! 2012Yeah uhh, new beginningsYou"ll see a lot an ext of me - Ke"Ondris
Writer(s): Scott Mescudi, Mike Stroud, Evan Mast, Timothy Price, Craig Balmoris, Quincey Hanley, Julian Nixon, Rakim Mayers