Episode Summary: Max's investigation right into the disappearance of Rachel Amber starts to with a tremble conclusion as she find the Dark Room. Will the answers lie within? Or will certainly there simply be trouble? (Life is strange wiki)

It’s remarkable how quickly a series can litter away a lot of goodwill by adhering to up a an excellent episode with one that doesn’t also come close to the same level of quality, and also “Dark Room” is a perfect instance of this.

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The illustration starts off well enough, proceeding Max’s experience in the alternative timeline where Chloe is a paraplegic after Max offered her time travel powers to conserve her friend’s father. The same emotional undercurrent the was so powerful at the finish of the previous episode – the this is her fault – proceeds here and also is genuinely moving.

The game doesn’t shy away from how daunting life is for civilization like Chloe who count on rather to do every little thing for them, or how hard it is because that her family members to look after her, especially with how much the care and also equipment cost.

It’s genuinely one of the hardest decision I’ve ever before experienced in a game to perform an helped suicide and up Chloe’s IV feeding to send she peacefully off to sleep. She had actually her critical night the town hall Blade Runner v her ideal friend, she knows her condition is gaining worse and also she doesn’t desire to proceed suffering.

It’s one profoundly powerful moment that very few other gamings can rival, however after Max decides come travel earlier in time again and also let Chloe’s father die as he was claimed to, the return to the original timeline is as soon as things start to head back downhill.

This time it no so lot the story or the characterisation, which have actually been concerns before, yet the pacing and structure i m sorry is turn off by rather a big degree. This episode is long – really, yes, really long.

After two and also a half hours, I believed the episode had actually to it is in finishing soon, probably following at the party the was therefore heavily concentrated on in the trailer at the end of the vault episode. Instead, Chloe and Max head off to a barn to hunt down much more clues about Nathan Prescott’s connection to the disappearance of Rachel Amber.


“Dark Room” is the very first episode of any kind of of these episodic games I’ve been play that I’ve had to separation over two nights because of length as a result. After ~ the barn, castle head come the junkyard, climate the party, then earlier to the junkyard. Be mindful to set aside near to 4 hours if you want to carry out this illustration in one sitting.

The vault paragraph likewise highlights the structural concern I had actually – was there no method to have the 2 junkyard scene combined? I’m no going to walk into thorough plot spoilers, yet it does seem prefer it would take only a an extremely minor edit to do things circulation better. However, over there may have actually been an important scene that i missed the end on early out to choices from an earlier episode, so ns can’t say for sure.

The concern remains though, at least on mine play-through: this episode really drags. It i do not care a chore to get through, including one more of the obnoxious ‘put in obstacle to pad the end time’ issues from earlier episodes, v a puzzle that I offered up top top after just a couple of minutes to get the systems online, as the in-game feedback was just making that trial-and-error rather than something to job-related out properly.

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"Dark Room" is good, however it’s extremely frustrating that poor direction has undercut the progressively stronger story and characterisation, together this world and the people in that are cultivation on me, however the rest of the game is struggling to enhance it in level of quality.