Lincoln"s Viking 3350 and also Miller"s Digital Elite room two the the finest auto darkening welding helmets ~ above the market right now. Both of this helmets have countless cool attributes in common. You can do TIG weld, MIG weld, or rod weld through both of the helmets.

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But i beg your pardon one will be finest for your welding needs?

Continue analysis this Lincoln Viking 3350 vs fearbut Digital upstream welding helmet evaluation to discover out.

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Lincoln Viking 3350 vs miller Digital EliteMiller electric Digital upstream Welding Helmet Review

Lincoln Viking 3350 vs müller Digital Elite

Lincoln electrical Viking 3350 4C black Welding Helmet Review


The Lincoln Viking 3350 is among the best Lincoln welding helmet. It"s a good choice because that newbies, professionals, and also hobbyists at a top quality price. It"s made for civilization who are an extremely serious around safety and also utility.

This helmet is extremely known for passing the EN379 standards for clarity and optical performance. It has a perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity. Among the Viking collection of Lincoln"s helmets, this helmet has the best viewing area so far.

Short Specs and also Features1/1/1/1/ Optical Clarity RatingWeighs just 21 ozLarge view home window 3.74in x 3.34in (95mm x 85mm)4C Lens TechnologyReplaceable Lithium battery v a much longer life4 Arc sensorsShade setups of 6 – 13Delay, variable shade, and also light sensitivityUsable in temperatures ranging from 14-131 level FImproved comfortabilityInternal the shade control.Hard hat adapterCheater bifocal lens easily mounted.3 year warranty

Let"s watch the video to see how it watch like!

What"s Good

Lens through the Highest feasible optical clarity rating (1/1/1/1)

1/1/1/1 rating ensures that the hood is as much as par and also will save you once needed.

If your task requires precision welding, visual clarity is vital. You require a helmet that uses a wide variety of vision and also perfect clarity. The Viking 3350 offers you the best optical clarity.

Massive the town hall Area

A part-time worker generally uses smaller sized displays. However a expert worker may prefer a larger viewing area. Big viewing area makes the job a little easier.

The Lincoln Viking 3350 has an enormous 3.74"x 3.34" (95mm x 85 mm) field of vision making the the best huge view welding helmet. This enormous viewing area permits a welder to view the weld in everything position he/she might be in. This function is especially an excellent for newbies.

4C Technology


Visibility and also clarity space the most vital features the a welding helmet.

The Lincoln 3350 provides 4C technology that"s much better than various other technologies on other helmets. This 4C an innovation has make it one of the finest welding helmet.

Clarity- Optical clarity 1/1/1/1Color- Real color viewCarat- Lighter weightCut- constant shade from any angle.

You will have the ability to use the Viking 3350 for griding anything you want. It has actually a grind mode with the appropriate shading to aid you view what"s walk on.

You won"t have to worry around adjusting the helmet due to the fact that it offers extra sensitivity to light. It"s a great way to totally focus on her job and also get it done with an ext precision.

Long Battery life

If the battery dies mid-arc and also getting flashed unexpectedly, over there is nothing worse 보다 that.

The Lincoln Viking 3350 comes with solar rechargeable batteries. As soon as you aren"t making use of the helmet, just leave it by the window and girlfriend will always have a complete fresh charge. The helmet flashes an LED light once the batteries have to be charged.


The darkening attributes of Lincoln 3350 darken much faster than various other helmets that is ideal for anyone who works in various lighted places. As soon as you"re attract this helmet, friend won"t need to worry around headaches or shining spots.

Unique Designs

Lincoln supplies 14 various designs to complement your choice. Zombies? Camouflage? Yes, they have both.

Or, if you simply want a plain black design, they have it too. You can customize hoods but you desire as castle come with a set of stickers.


A lightweight helmet will certainly make welding work an extremely easier to complete. The Lincoln Viking 3350 weighs around 21 ounces. The Lincoln 3350 is one of the lightest helmets available out there.



The Lincoln Viking 3350 is made of durable materials and has received high marks for durability. These long lasting materials permit a welder come weld without worrying about the helmet not functioning correctly.


The helmet offers lot when it concerns comfort. The is really comfortable come wear. It"s ideal for them who wears the helmet for a long time.

No one desires a helmet that starts to wear down on her neck and also head as soon as you are working. It help you come focus fully on her work rather of messing approximately with the helmet.

The Viking 3350 has actually an adjustable head dimension knob to do the headgear comfortable for any user. The helmet allows you to adjust the distance between the lens and face to improve vision as needed.

The helmet comes through a unique suspension system to ease the load on the shoulders and also neck. One more best attribute of this helmet is the ventilation system. The ventilation device makes it lot comfortable to wear.

What"s Bad around Lincoln Viking 3350?

A little Heavy

Because that the massive viewing screen, the Lincoln Viking 3350 is a tiny face heavy, which you can especially realize after a complete day that work.

Shiny Paint quickly Scratched

The glossy earlier finish makes the helmet look at beautiful yet is easily scratched. Be careful, particularly when you"re functioning in a chop spot.

Miller electrical Digital elite Welding Helmet Review


Miller provides superior comfort and also adjusting capacity that makes it easy to undertake a long duration of time without pain.

This one is the finest Miller welding helmet. This helmet is powered by lithium batteries and a an extensive solar backup this hood will revolve on every time.

X-mode is the most talked attribute of this helmet. X-Mode electromagnetically senses the arc for this reason the lens will work-related properly also if the sensors are obstructed. Müller Digital Elite gives the many value because that the price and will last because that a lengthy time.

Features of any type of product make it straightforward for readers to pick the appropriate one. It"s the easiest way to learn around the quality of the product. Let"s dive into its in-depth features to check out what rather this welding helmet offers.

Features that Miller electrical Digital Elite

Four Arc Sensors: 1/ 20,000 sec. Lens speedBattery: Lithium batteries with solar backup, approximately 3,000 hoursAuto Darkening: YesWeighs only 18 oz (482g)Four operation Modes: Wild, Cut, Grind, and also X-ModeViewing Field: broad 3.85 x 2.38 sq. In(97 x 60 mm)Reaction Time: .00005 secondsShade Range: DIN 3, 5 – 8/ 8 – 13TIG Rating: 5 amps and also belowWarranty: 3 yearsMeets ANSI Z87.-2003 (High Impact) standard4 operating Modes

The Miler Digital elite helmet has actually 4 operating modes with different shade range capable the handling any kind of welding project you throw at it. You deserve to enjoy the 4 different modes that incorporate weld, cut, grind and also x-Mode.

Weld- Shade range 8-13Cut- Shade range 5-8Grind- shade 3X-Mode- can be provided with shades 8-13.4 Premium ARC Sensors

The helmet has a distinct feature i beg your pardon is called 4 ARC sensors. It way that the helmet will certainly auto darken no matter the situation, even in tight spaces. Through a reaction time the .00005 seconds, it"s one of the quickest in the welding Industry.

Simply Adjustable

There are oodles the welding helmets that space not as great as fearbut Digital Elite together they are lacking by couple of features. Fearbut Digital upstream helmet has gained huge popularity through its adjusting quality. It permits the welder to change the settings and mode according to your convenience.

Lithium batteries v a Solar Backup

This helmet offers two lithium battery so you deserve to use the helmet best out of the box but charging will be compelled for the solar cabinet to work.

The batteries can last an ext than 3000 hours prior to draining. Solar backup method that her helmet will certainly not it is in shut under unexpectedly once the batteries run out.

Extremely Durable

The müller Digital elite is make of high-grade commercial plastic. Castle are an extremely durable in spite of being lightweight, making them perfect for any kind of working condition.

This helmet meets ANSI Z87.-2003 High affect Standards so you have the right to weld without worry. The helmet prides chin on being among the most durable helmets in the industry.

Improved Digital Controls

The controls ~ above the helmet are simple, glove-friendly and also easy to master. The controls room designed in together a means that there is no need to remove her gloves to adjust sensitivity setups or move in between operating modes.

This helmet has actually only 4 buttons to manage everything, friend can"t get much easier and simpler 보다 this. Friend will never go ago to an analog regulated welding helmet again after utilizing this.

Helmet Bag and also Extra cover Lenses Included

Who doesn"t loves extra stuff? girlfriend will acquire a transporting bag and also extra 7 lens covers, 2 within 5 outside, so your hood will last because that a lengthy time.


The load of the Digital elite Helmet is 2.9 pounds and the dimension is about 12.1x10.3x9.8 inches.

The helmet is no heavy and it allows the user come work properly in much less time and prevent the tiredness to the minimum level. Part welders working with this miller Digital upstream helmet on around 6-7 hours/day tho feel very comfortable.

What"s Bad around This One?

Smaller viewing Area

The lens that this helmet is a bit tiny compared to various other helmets within the very same price selection but the helmet performs just as well.

Not Designed for Overhead Welding

One an adverse point of this helmet is the it is no designed because that overhead welding.

Pros4 operation modesLithium batteries v solar back-up (up to 3000 hours)X-Mode feature4 Premium arc sensorsImproved digital controlsExtremely durableVery comfortableExtra cover lenses and helmet bag includedConsHood occasionally comes down unexpectedlyNot designed because that Overhead Welding

Which Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet You have to Pick?

Miller and also Lincoln are noted in the ideal welding helmet brands. Each helmet can defend your eyes and also offers nearly everything important that you have the right to ask because that in a welding helmet.

The viewing window is slightly bigger in Lincoln Viking. Add to the Lincoln helmet is more lightweight 보다 the miller helmet. Still, Lincoln helmet expenses less 보다 the müller helmet. Girlfriend can pick the Lincoln Viking 3350 if you want more features v a comparatively low price.

The miller digital upstream is a small pricier than the Lincoln helmet however it"s much durable than the Lincoln helmet. And, the special X setting makes it lot better. If the price isn"t a factor and you require a helmet that will certainly last much much longer then you much better choiceMiller Digital Elite.

ALTERNATIVE: These 2 helmets space a little pricey. If you"re on a tight spending plan then friend can inspect out theAntra AH6 welding helmet. It"s the best solar powered welding helmet. An excellent for TIG MIG MMA, Plasma applications. That features completely automatic power on/off, auto-darkening and flexible sensitivity knob. Despite Antra AH6 is no that great for hefty industrial applications. For light uses it is perfect.

Final Verdict

Before i finish, ns would prefer to state that both helmets room awesome and their manufacturers really built a high-quality helmet. If you get either the them, you"re unlikely to get one more welding helmet at any time soon.

If it was my revolve to choose one, I"d chooseLincoln Viking 3350 (for its bigger viewing area + less price). Ns can gain my work-related done v that, why would I spend extra hundreds bucks?

Anyway, the an option is yours. You acquire to pick what you want.

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I hope the my Lincoln Viking 3350 vs fearbut Digital elite welding helmet review has helped girlfriend to pick the ideal welding helmet, in ~ least helped you to know a bit an ext about these 2 helmets. If you have any type of question climate let me understand in the comment section.Related Guides: