Live Action Casting of King Of The Hill With King of the Hill having a cult following, it"s only a matter of time before we see the Hills return in one way or another. Here is our ideal cast

The hit animated show King of the Hill follows a conservative Texas family with Hank as the head of the household. For over 13 seasons we saw him and his friends and family and all their hilarious and epic adventures as they figure out life.

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Although the show has been off the air for over 10 years, we"re bound to see the Hill family return due to the high popularity. We put together a list of the best actors to portray all the main characters and make a live-action movie just as good as the show. Here are the live-action castings of King of the Hill.

Starting off the list is the head of the Hill household and the star of King of the Hill, Hank. Hank is a practical, no-nonsense man with instilled values and an unreasonable love for propane.

Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood"s biggest stars due to his wide range and experienced acting. Watching Forrest Gump we know he could pull off the southern accent and with his stern yet friendly manner, we know he is perfect for Hank Hill.

9 Laura Dern- Peggy Hill

Peggy Hill is Hank"s devoted and quirky wife. Peggy is nowhere near as stoic as Hank and her upbeat and motivated attitude made for some hilarious moments on the show.

An ideal candidate for Peggy would definitely be Laura Dern. Not only is Dern an exact look-alike to Peggy but she also shares a similar personality to Peggy.

Luanne is Hank and Peggy"s niece and strikingly beautiful 19-year-old ditzy yet lovable girl next door. Luanne always means well but her ignorance and lack of street smarts put her in situations where Hank has to bail her out.

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Alycia Debnam-Carey is mostly known for her roles in Fear the Walking Dead and The 100 and she is no damsel in distress. Carey normally plays the tough girl that can handle herself but she can definitely pull off the girl next door and has the looks required to play Luanne.

7 Michael Rooker - Dale Gribble

Dale Gribble is one of Hank"s best friends and neighbors. Dale is..a little off. He"s paranoid, sort of creepy, and just a little bit eccentric to top off his outlandish ideals. By day, he is an exterminator with questionable methods and by night he"s shooting the bull with Hank and company.

Actor Michael Rooker is well known for his eccentric roles and not always being the most stable-minded person. All perfect qualities for paying Dale Gribble.

Bobby Hill is Hank and Peggy"s 13-year-old son with a very unique personality. Bobby is sometimes lazy, innovative, funny, dramatic, and arguably one of the most loved characters on the show. He"s quite a personality, with hundreds of episodes revolving around him and his hi-jinks.

Jeremy Ray Taylor was one of the talented chill actors that starred in the horror movie IT. At 16, Taylor is significantly older than Bobby but his range as an actor can cover all aspects of Bobby"s unique personality.

5 John C Reilly - Bill Dauterive

Bill Dauterive is a former Army sergeant and one of Hank"s closest friends along with Boomhauer and Dale. Bill has had a tough life with a lot heartbreaks and just plain bad luck. He is often the butt of jokes due to his appearance and gullible nature but he still manages to stay positive and be a lovable character and loyal friend to Hank.

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John C Reilly needs no introduction or explanation as he"s been in comedic movies for centuries, creating iconic characters along the way. Apart from looking alike, both Reilly and Bill share the lovable idiot persona onscreen and can make for a perfect casting choice.

Boomhauer is another interesting character and a close friend to Hank. He is one of the most well-known characters due to his fast, incoherent speech and his way with the ladies. He"s a mysterious character that we rarely see besides when he"s drinking a beer with Hank and company and he prefers to live mysteriously.

When it comes to polarizing personalities with a smooth tongue for talking to girls, there is no one better than Matthew McConaughey. When it comes to range, there isn"t any much better than him and when it comes to dashing good looks with a cool suave attitude, he can play this character to perfection.

3 Adam Beach - John Redcorn

John Redcorn is a minor recurring character but makes his way on this list due to his history with Dale. Redcorn is irresistible to the women of the neighborhood and he knows it. As the real father to Dale and his wife"s son, he"s also not the nicest of guys.

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Native American actor Adam Beach is perfect for the role. He"s not the looks, the charm, and the long flowing hair that makes him irresistible.

Minh is another minor recurring character but when she shows up in an episode, there"s a lot of funny and memorable moments. She"s the wife of Hank"s nemesis/neighbor/mother of Bobby"s girlfriend and she has a snarky and sarcastic attitude that makes her a fan favorite.

When it comes to sarcasm, snarky remarks, and overall hilarious moments, there"s no one who could do it better than Ali Wong. As a comedian and star of movies like Always Be My Maybe, we would love to see her as a suburban housewife.

1 Ken Jeong - Kahn Souphanousinphone

Rounding off the list is the cocky and arrogant, sometimes annoying Kahn. He has an unspoken rivalry with Hank and constantly looks to talk down to Hank and the family feeling he is better than everyone.

When it comes to unstable and somewhat arrogant knuckleheads, there Is no one better than Ken Jeong. Sharing a resemblance to Kahn and the potential of seeing him and Ali Wong share screentime can make for a show-stealing performance.

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