This is part two of mine “live edge for beginners” series. In part one we discussed what to look because that in slab wood. Specifically, how to tell if the timber is solid enough, dried enough, and bug-free enough to work with. In this short article we are going to comment on the live edge hardwood buying process. Whereby to purchase wood, just how much to pay because that it, and how to discover the finest deals on locations like Craigslist.

The Basics

Before us talk around how lot to pay for these slabs, you space going to require to recognize what you are paying for. The hatchet you space going come hear over and also over again is “board foot”. This term deserve to seem a tiny confusing and also intimidating in ~ first. But I promise girlfriend will have the ability to work it into casual conversation after reading the next couple of paragraphs.

Simply put, a plank foot (bf) is 12x12x1” the wood. But due to the fact that most hardwood doesn’t come in 12x12x1” chunks, we need to do a little math to number out specifically how countless BF room in ours piece. Another example the one board foot would certainly be 24x6x1”. Or 6x6x2”. Make sense so far? an easier method to think of it is to convert the inches come feet (except the thickness). So rather of 24x12x1, usage 2x1x1 to calculate the BF. 2x1x1=2, or two board feet.

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Before we obtain into just how we number live edge board feet, allows make sure I make sense so much with a few examples. Shot and number these out yourself, however check her answers below the photo.

The below examples room assuming right edges

1) 24x24x1”

2) 48x12x2”

3) 96x24x3”


How Did friend Do?

1) A: 4 board feet. 2x2x1 amounts to four plank feet.

2)A: Eight board feet. 4x1x2 amounts to eight board feet.

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3)A: 48 board feet. 8x2x3 amounts to 48 plank feet.

Ok, that doesn’t it seems to be ~ so bad does it? friend may have actually noticed every one of my instance numbers were even feet though. So the is a small easier 보다 a board that is 27.25x5.5x.75” isn’t it? for the complicated math I perform what what anyone does these days. I gain an app. Board Feet straightforward Calculator is an good one that can handle the strange numbers for you. You deserve to absolutely usage the app for all your calculations if you’d like. However its pretty to be able to look at an eight foot by 3 foot slab the is 2 inches thick and also know that 48 plank feet. Without having to bust out the app.