Today, ns am delighted to welcome my way friend, mary Geisen, come encourage us as we pray: Lord, have actually Your means in me.

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Some days i wake up and also wonder how I endured the last five years. Ns wonder if it was every a dream, yet morning comes, and also I find myself on the other side of those five years.

My mind typically runs v the highlights as I procedure the loss, grief, season that caregiving, apprehension in that God is phone call me come be and also the pleasure that to be interspersed.

If God is constantly present and also working in ours lives, us don’t must wait till life crumbles to acknowledge the strength that carries us through. We deserve to pray, “Lord, have actually your way in me” even before the an initial sign the trouble.

Call upon the Lord.

Five year ago, ns retired from to teach after thirty years. I walked the end of the classroom for the critical time and virtually immediately walked into a season of caring for my dad. Ns was left in a location where nothing looked familiar and also I had actually no idea that I was.

A year later, mine dad passed away after fighting difficult to come back from a broken hip and also pneumonia. I was lost and also hanging top top tenuously. Grief captured up with me from years past and compounded the loss i was feeling from a project I loved and the loss of mine dad.

It was during this time that I began to call upon the lord in joy, grief, hardship, and also gratitude. Ns was desperate, enduring from anxiety, and could only repeat, “God, help me” over and also over. I started to pray the words in Psalm 25 during my wilderness season.

Lord, straight me throughout my journey

so I can experience your plans because that my life.

Reveal the life-paths that are pleasing to you.

Escort me follow me the way; take it me through the hand and also teach me.

For you space the God the my raising salvation;

I have wrapped my heart into yours! (vs. 4-5, TPT)

Let’s questioning ourselves, “What does that look like for the lord to straight the route of our lives?”

Saying “Yes” to God

God experienced me together I do the efforts to number it the end on my own. The sees you, too. The blessing is that God is working behind the scenes in both of our lives and also patiently waits for us. God is wait for a an easy “yes” to leave our lips as we agree to let the Lord, have actually His way in our lives.

On one hand, it looks as basic as praying the words native Psalm 25. ~ above the other hand, it takes an ext than lip service. My “yes” started as my life circumstances readjusted and ongoing as ns walked through finding out who ns was almost everywhere again. Your “yes” might look comparable or something totally different. The doesn’t end with the one word however works ideal when surrendering everything distracts us from God.

When we speak to upon the Lord, the answers. Every it take away is an open up heart and a hear mind come hear what God is saying to us.

Lord, have actually your way.

Lessons indigenous Psalm 25:

My story of uncertainty and loss is ongoing. The an excellent news is the God never stops teaching me. As soon as I leaned in, God leaned in closer. Once I believed my tears would never end, God built up each one and assured me there to be room because that more. In the hard, God proved me the sacredness of letting Him command the way. I made it come the various other side. Girlfriend will, too.

God desires nothing an ext for you and me 보다 to direct our journeys v life.

He has written an excellent plans because that you and also desires to view the fruit of her “yeses.” Sometimes we need to walk with the wilderness come yield greater abundance top top the other side.

Let go of what you space holding onto for this reason you can grab the hand the God.

He is ready to teach you and also show girlfriend the way. Hesitation in our resides looks prefer clearing the way for God. Loss and grief thrive the structure of that we are so we can shine God’s love for others.

God will never ever leave or forsake us.

He is our salvation top top the days we say “yes” and on the days as soon as we push back and naught is walk right. The photo of wrapping our hearts right into God’s love brings such joy because the is in Him that we find ourselves.

When friend pray, “Lord, have your means in me,” you accepted the invite that God sent out to put it all at His feet.

You took one step closer to enduring your very own wilderness. God guarantees hope and also peace in the center laced through abundance as you grow closer come Him.

Let’s to speak “yes” to God and also know the goodness and faithfulness space waiting top top the various other side.

Lord, have actually Your method in Me.

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Meet Mary:

Mary Geisen is the writer of Brave Faith: A 31 Day dedication Journey. She is a blogger, a speaker, a lover the coffee and also deep, soul-filled conversations. Her best joys room her roles as a mom, mother-in-love, and Mimi. Together a writer and also follower of Jesus, God has led her with wilderness seasons, teach her how to to walk in brave faith, and also has drawn her right into closer connection with Him. Mary wants to live in a method that others are empowered to walk in brave faith through their own in-between, middle seasons that life.

The introduction Narrative

The Life you Didn’t know You Were currently Living

Advent is rushed. One glance in ~ the calendar plainly displays introduction as a four-week season reaching its climax on Christmas. But what if advent is not just 4 weeks long? What if instead, introduction is a life time of living?

This book marks the start of your opportunity to choose a life the is lived external rather 보다 inward—an invitational life wherein you have the right to prepare her heart to get the joy and also hope that comes with discovering Jesus. A life the will store you concentrated on Christ together you clear the end what weighs you down to make room for the One that lifts girlfriend up.


Every morning, ns wake up and lift my heart to God in prayer.

I praise Him because that His glory and goodness.

I surrender my agenda and also expectations come His greater kingdom purposes.

I productivity my desires to execute His will.

And, then ns ask because that Him to move a mountain.

I cry out to Him for that mountain to crumble.

I believe that God is bigger than any obstacle or stronghold.

Yet, my hill remains — immovable and also unyielding.

Do you have actually a mountain? i bet girlfriend do.

Like me, you may be discouraged through the darkness the looms large in your view.

You aren’t alone.If we sat down today in my kitchen and shared our stories, i bet we would view similarities.

Together, we would certainly ask God to move two mountains.

With worshipful hearts, let’s save crying out to the mr for those mountains to crumble.

Let’s pray big!


Y’all his has been the craziest season ever, however I know that God has a bigger objective than just our just surviving the chaos. In hopes of redeeming the moment in the main ahead, ns am inviting you to “Pray Big” as we look to the mr for even greater points to come.Let’s questioning God to aid us have actually an expectant heart the is no overwhelmed by every the negativity in this world. Let’s pray big and think God is bigger 보다 the obstacles we room facing. Ours Mighty God is going come do much more than we deserve to ask, think, or imagine together we pray through hope.

If you space visiting from Mary’s today,

welcome come my tiny space ~ above the web!

Here you will discover fuel for a wildfire confidence to assist youLOVE DEEP: Fervently expand God’s kindness and also grace come pesky people.PRAY BIG: Go under fighting on your knees v fire in your bones.HOPE FULL: stay tethered to a i was sure anticipation the keeps your heart ablaze.STAND STRONG:Rest courageously top top God’s promises with red-hot resolve.

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