Finally, the trip is in ~ an end: The mr of the Rings trilogy is obtaining a 4K box set. Uh, five yes...there"s also going to it is in a Hobbit 4K box set, but it"s okay, you"re amongst friends here – you have the right to admit you don"t care about that. Peter Jackson"s epic journey through Middle-earth remains a significant cinematic achievement, and also fans (like me) have been wondering when we"d it is in blessed with 4K releases. When an official announcement native Warner Bros. Has yet come arrive, web links to pre-order the upcoming releases go live previously today, and Lord that the Rings trilogy star Sean Astin evidenced the unavoidable release together well.

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In the video clip above, Sean Astin – who played Samwise Gamgee in the Lord that the Rings films – revealed that a Lord that the Rings 4K Blu-ray box collection is top top the way. This isn"t exactly an "official" announcement since nothing has actually been sent out yet through Warner Bros. Residence media, however it"s absolutely happening. Since not just do we have actually Astin"s notice above, yet there were additionally pre-order web links for the following on Amazon and the finest Buy website (via Comic Book).



UPDATE: Warner Bros. Has additionally finally announced specific details: The Hobbit trilogy and The mr of the Rings trilogy will certainly both be exit on 4K crate sets ~ above December 1. But, there"s a catch! If girlfriend want one-of-a-kind features, you"ll need to wait until summer 2021.

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Due to the fact that that"s as soon as we"ll acquire the 4K Middle-earth" can be fried Collectors" Edition special "the theatrical and also extended execution of all six films, follow me with brand-new bonus content, previously released Blu-ray discs of The Hobbit Trilogy, and remastered Blu-ray discs the The mr of the ring Trilogy will be released in the summer that 2021. The mr of the ring Trilogy featuring remastered Blu-ray discs the the theatrical and extended version of the 3 films will also be released in the 4th quarter 2021, come celebrate the 20th anniversary of The lord of the Rings: The Fellowship the the Ring."

Here space some more details:

The Hobbit Trilogy and The mr of the Rings Trilogy will be easily accessible on 4K Ultra HD for $89.99 Expected sleeve Price.