Chapter 6 the Lords mobile Elite stage is dubbed Twilight Spring. Why? Because the elevator is green and has little rivers/springs. Ns mean, the person who came up with this name was sniffing something a lot stronger than glue. Walk IGG need all their employees to have mandatory head-banging exercises?

Maybe if they provided pop-sockets rather of shaky hands, they may have actually a possibility of no shaking your brains out. Also, obtain a pop-socket if you desire your gameplay to be smooth. Or don’t get one. I don’t care!

Anyways, you didn’t come here to hear mine opinion on the backstories in Lords Mobile, and so without more rants, here goes a overview on exactly how to finish Chapter 6 upstream of Lords Mobile.

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Elite phase 6-3

Lineup: Tracker, Demon Slayer, kid of Light, Prima Donna, and Trickster

These heroes should be at level 51 or 52. If lock are reduced than that, you will have actually a very hard time, finishing this stage…


Stage 1: over there is no real strategy that I could find for stage 1. It’s not also hard. Just assault all the enemies. Save the Tree Monster for last.

Stage 2: This need to be simple stage. Simply save up your ultimate-attacks once only the cannons room left top top the field. Friend will require them for stage 3.

Stage 3: The foe that you need to be most cautious of is Trickster. He takes a while to hit his ultimate-attack, however when that does, that can easily kill 3 of her heroes in one shot. Wait 3-5 seconds and then struggle him through Tracker. Wait a few more seconds and also hit that again v Oath Keeper. Ideally, shot and time it together he rises in the air and is around to strike. If increased Knight is close enough, hit him again. Usage all the ultimates ~ above him. When he’s dead, focus on the various other heroes at the back.

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This is a tough level. Suppose to shot many times before you end up it successfully.