Planes de Renderos in the region of san Salvador is a city in El Salvador - part 3 mi or ( 5 km ) south of mountain Salvador , the country's capital .

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Current time in plane de Renderos is now 08:27 am (Monday) . The local timezone is called " America/El Salvador " with a UTC counter of -6 hours. Depending on your travel modalities, these bigger destinations might be exciting for you: Belmopan, Soyapango, mountain Salvador, mountain Marcos, and also Planes de Renderos. While gift here, make sure to check out Belmopan . Us encountered some video clip on the net . Scroll down to view the many favourite one or select the video collection in the navigation. Room you curious around the possible sightsseing spots and also facts in airplane de Renderos ? we have built up some recommendations on our attractions page.

El Salvador is the smallest country in main America, san Salvador its capital city... Execute you desire to visit Downtown? video clip brought to you by "PuuuYA! web". We space a group of salvadoreans who make e .. Publicidad proporcionada por MITUR (Ministerio de Turismo de El Salvador) para promoción de marca país El Salvador Impesionante ¡Síguenos! Blog salvadorean ..



Panchimalco is a city in the mountain Salvador department of El Salvador. Panchimalco ("The ar of Flags and also Shields," native the Nahuatl, "Pant," an interpretation banner or flag; "Chimal," an interpretation shield or herald, and "co," place) is that is 35,000 inhabitants, sometimes dubbed "Panchos," are descendants the Pipil indians fleeing the Spanish takeover of san Salvador during the 16th century, into locations originally inhabited by Mayan and also Nahuatl peoples.

1932 Salvadoran peasant massacre

The 1932 Salvadoran peasant massacre occurred on January 22 of that year, in the western departments the El Salvador once a short peasant-led rebellion to be brutally suppressed by the government, then led by Maximiliano Hernández Martínez. The Salvadoran army, gift vastly exceptional in regards to weapons and soldiers, enforcement those that stood versus it.

Señorío the Cuzcatlán

The Señorío that Cuzcatlán, or The Lordship that Cuzcatlán, to be a pre-Columbian Nahuat country of the Post-Classical period that extended from the Paz river to the Lempa flow (covering most of the western and main zones of the existing Republic of El Salvador), this to be the nation of Pipils/Cuzcatlecs. No codices or created accounts survive that melted light ~ above this señorío.

Estadio Cuscatlán

Monumental Estadio Cuscatlán is a football stadium situated in mountain Salvador, El Salvador. It is the largest stadium in central America through a volume of 39,023. The stadion is the home ground that the El Salvador nationwide football team and also club team Alianza FC.

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Teatro Nacional de El Salvador

Teatro Nacional de El Salvador, or nationwide Theatre the El Salvador, is the earliest theatre in main America. It began construction ~ above November 3, 1911, by the French architect Daniel Beylard; and also inaugurated march 1, 1917. The is the French Renaissance style with contemporary touches. It to be decorated by the Italian architect Lucio Capellaro, and also its an excellent Hall is just one of the many beautiful and also elegant in main America.