Map of lost City that the Na-Totambu publicly Dungeon (Alik"r Desert) with location of Skyshard and location of Bosses needed to be killed to complete Lost City of the Na-Totambu delve Dungeon and also earn success in The Elder Scrolls online - ESO Maps, travel guide & Walkthroughs. The Elder Scrolls virtual (ESO) Maps & Walkthrough.

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Public Dungeon Name: Lost City that the Na-Totambu

Public Dungeon Bosses: Arbhu-raClackerGritstone PatriarchThe quiet SwordVath"iraPuzzle of the Guardians (Group Challenge)Can be done solo (it is easier for two) press pairs of buttons: Scarab x2, Spider x2, Scorpion x2Yokudan Corsair-King

Skyshard: 1

Zone: Alik"r Desert

Public Dungeons room larger, harder, open world dungeons for teams or cooperative players, includes own quest lines, a Skyshard and a few Bosses. Obtainable to everyone. Completing various parts of public Dungeons deserve to award you with a skill point, experience, gold, and also gear.

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