Lowell market Basket Circular

Please usage the phone number above and call Lowell sector Basket Store. Ask because that their ad circulars to be mailed to your home.

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Reviews the Lowell market Basket grocery keep from about the web:

Posted on Google.com by Ed Lizotte

“The finest in the north east an excellent job never change if I can go ten stars ns would.”

Posted top top yelp.com through Timna N.

“As a secure and continuous customer at least twice weekly because that the last 8 years I can say with finish honesty the this industry Basket is nearby to my heart

I have actually never had a difficulty with anything i buy here, fruits and also vegetables are constantly fresh. Meats that i buy are ground chicken and ground turkey in addition to fish. Constantly fresh.

Eggs are always good never had actually a problem.

I love the huge selection of various ethnic foods items they sell from hispanic to Asian. I am spain so ns live the reality they constantly have a huge choice of plantains.

They have actually the many amazing new French bread. Prices are absolutely reasonable, especially due to the fact that they are doing the 4% off so sad the will end soon.

So many human being come to shop here from every walks the life i m sorry is an additional reason it’s great. Cashiers young or old are always friendly. Always helpful.

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Thank you market Basket top top fletcher because that serving our community.”

Posted ~ above Google.com

“A many Selection! But constantly BUSY! hard to find Parking & long Lines but not so poor I wouldn’t shop there yet when I’m tired I’d quite go to one more one.”

Posted ~ above Google.com

“Excellent fruits The top quality of fruits below is superior to also the most expensive grocery stores roughly Lowell. The price because that pretty much all item are really good. I contrasted this place to Hannaford and Crosbys and it is lot cheaper and far better quality in this branch of industry Basket (I don’t know about other branches). They have a great selection of healthy and balanced food and juice together well.”

Lowell market Basket keep #2 (Lowell MA))

1235 leg Street, Lowell MA 01850

Lowell industry Basket Phone: 978-454-0361

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

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Reviews the Lowell sector Basket keep #2:

Posted ~ above yelp.com through Matt C.

“I was skeptical about shopping grocery store in Lowell however this ar is simply over the Dracut line. The keep is an extremely clean and also the employee is very friendly. That is without a doubt the ideal value of any kind of grocery save around. Additionally apparently because that the rest of the year they room taking extr 4% off every little thing in the store. It’s good that it is a household owned, local business.”

Posted ~ above Google.com

“Not bad .. Clean store lots of old folks come navagate around and parken is prob the worst part”

Lowell industry Basket keep #19 (Lowell MA)

11 lumber Street, Lowell MA 01851

Lowell sector Basket Phone: 978-458-8015

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

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Reviews the Lowell sector Basket keep #19:

Posted top top Google.com through linda sams

“Best price in the entirety world. I don’t require upity I require low prices.”

Posted ~ above Google.com

“I’ve resided in MA because 1978. In the time there’s constantly been a DeMoulas or MarketBasket store surrounding and though our partnership hasn’t always been perfect I’ve ended up usually preferring them primarily since the exact same basket that groceries appears inevitably to cost less. There have been a couple of occasions where I was dissatisfied enough about something to create a letter come headquarters however at this suggest I now feel together “loyalty” (if that’s what you’d contact it) the proximity come a market Basket would even figure in a housing decision. I’m not certain why they deserve to so consistently beat the other stores but I’ve heard the one big factor may be that they commonly own your locations and are therefore in manage of at least one large cost. Various other stores in this locale that I deserve to remember shopped at include Hannaford, Stop’N’Shop, Shop’N’Save, Purity Supreme, Shaw’s and Sun foodstuffs – I’m certain I’ve left some out. Freshly I had a look at the Target on level Street and also was surprised at how well stocked it is, though they have actually a means to come before they’re a threat. The market Basket in concern is sorta on the border between Lowell through it’s country diversity and Chelmsford, i beg your pardon is, um, less so. Ns think the managers have actually a tough time fall the selection of item that would please all constituents. Their problem is do none the less complicated by this store supposedly being one of their older, smaller sized ones, so finding room for whatever must be tough. However they certainly please me and also the respectful, helpful attitude and also prices keep me coming back.”