Does everyone know just how to contact the day in the Limelight 3 developer? It's to be inactive because 2016, and I wanted to acquire a hold of him to view if that would permit me to take it over and finish the project. I love the idea of playing as the Robot Masters and I want to save it going.

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2016? i figured it was OoC longer than that. Yeah, i wish they'd complete it, yet I wouldn't count on the happening.

It may be much longer than that. 2016 is when someone discovered the secret Pharaoh male area (only comprises the 1 screen...)

I love the fangame series a lot! I'll carry out some digging on mine end and PM if anything of interest mirrors up. I desire it finished to.

Keep us updated OP if something happens though.

Any news? I have actually yet to hear a response from the previous creator (

It seems like whoever that is no seem interested in perfect the project, or possibly may have had a health concern or pass away and also can no much longer log in to respond come messages.

In any type of event, perform you require their permission? that is a product castle cannot do money from together Megaman is a property of Capcom. So see as how its been around 5 or so years and also they have lost interest, why no pick up the task if you are inclined? plenty of fans, myself included, will be hugely thankful to everyone would bring on this mantle. Perhaps even the initial creator himself would certainly be happy if lock knew it to be being continued.

Did you need them to carry out you the resource code? i am certain someone can number out how to obtain that come you native the existing copy.

Not so much a permission thing as the is obtaining the source Code to end up it. The job was already virtually half-way done, and if I might get the source code and study it, i can begin finishing the rest of it. Most likely make much more afterwards too, if i am successful.

I am additionally currently looking right into a method to construct from the beginning if I have to, and just take it the ideas/levels from the existing half-way excellent project.

Still have yet to make any type of kind of contact with the initial dev via youtube. I have checked the "credits" display in-game though, so probably we can shot one that them?

Coding - Riverroad and Protanly

Sprites - Aiken, Sprites Inc, VGMaps

Created by combination Team

Testing and also Feedback - fusion Fangaming forum members

So would anyone perhaps have any kind of avenues to contact the Coders or the "Fusion Team"?

If any kind of of this names seem familiar to anyone, permit me know.

I gained the source code, functioning on getting it every updated come the brand-new engine currently. Will certainly take time, obviously.

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In the meantime, how about we discuss who need to be versus who in regards come the final 4?

My thoughts are: Spark > Bright height > Drill Gemini > Dive zero > Pharaoh

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I gained the resource code, functioning on gaining it every updated come the brand-new engine currently. Will take time, obviously.

In the meantime, how about we talk about who should be versus who in regards to the last 4?