I have actually been struggling through this error for a few days now. I obtain this error every time I shot to operation a test for a an approach that has actually an httpCallout. I followed the design from http://www.discoverhotmail.com.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/Content/apex_classes_restful_http_testing_httpcalloutmock.htm, yet to no avail. I thought it could be something i was messing up in mine code, for this reason I copied all three of the classes from the documentation, and also I to be still obtaining the error once I try to operation the test. All of the classes room on discoverhotmail.com API 29. Has actually anyone run into this before?



you might want to incorporate test.isrunningtest in your actual callout class to check you space not walk to operation actual callout and only check mock. Take it a watch on this thread

Testing HttpCallout through HttpCalloutMock and UnitTest created Data



You require to speak to Test.setMock(...) in her test class once you"ve implemented the compelled interfaces to prevent this details error message.

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You shouldn"t must use Test.isRunningTest() to check your contact outs (and doing so provide you untestable code).


Methods characterized as TestMethod perform not support Web business callouts stack Trace: null

This error occurs due to the fact that web business callouts are not permitted in test class.

To bypass callouts add HttpcalloutMock class.

Here is a sample test class with the mock course to bypass net services Callout.

********************** Test course ***************************

isTest private class Test_class private course RestMock implements HttpCalloutMock publicly HTTPResponse respond(HTTPRequest req) wire fullJson = "your Json Response"; HTTPResponse res = new HTTPResponse(); res.setHeader("Content-Type", "text/json"); res.setBody(fullJson); res.setStatusCode(200); return res; static testMethod void service_call() Test.setMock(HttpCalloutMock.class, brand-new RestMock()); Test.startTest(); //your web organization call password Test.StopTest(); The mock class will take treatment of webservice callouts.

You can"t create DML statements prior to calling her test API callouts.You should put all her DMLs in a separate duty with a
TestSetupstatic void makeData() lead lead = brand-new lead( FirstName = "Test very first Name", LastName = "Sample last Name", call = "555-555-5555", MobilePhone="+15555555555", firm = "Some check Company" ); insert lead; lead1 =