Her customer organization was amazing very sweet girl. Come in to pay a phone invoice & to walk out with a phone & equipment for a great price. My new go to store :) The sweet girls name is ANDREA.

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Perfect store to shop during this quarantine an extremely clean & smells really fresh . I was there for the first time with my husband . Keep was liven yet everyone greeted me. Ns was over there to acquisition 1 phone & left v 2 phones & 1 tablet computer for a an excellent deal : ) was helped by Jess really sweet girl she to be multitasking helping us & 2 other customers yet managed to do my visit at sight quick and enjoyable. She updated all my phones & produced google accounts because that me. My brand-new Go 2. An excellent customer service.

This Metro keep provided an excellent Customer organization and aid with every my service needs. DJ was a great help and Jessika was really friendly. I was in the keep for part time due to a phone issue and the entirety staff made the time i had to wait enjoyable and DJ resolved all mine issues. Thank you so an extremely much you guys!

STORE IS an extremely CLEAN and also THEY have HAND SANITIZER because that CUSTOMERS :) JESSICA WAS an extremely SWEET and HELPFUL WILL certainly BE earlier .

Customer company was fantastic. They aided me produce my icloud account and also download part apps. I definitely recommend the keep they have an excellent promotions.

Great service they helped me carry my information from my old phone to my brand-new phone. The reps space really patient and also are constantly smiling. Also great music when waiting. Fine deserved 5 stars

Great Store! good customer service. I entirely recommend everyone to come here. They helped me acquire the right phone because that my needs and also they even transferred every my details to my brand-new device.

Came into this save with a bunch the problems and they were able to fix all of them. Their business is the best customer business i have ever had at any store. Keep is yes, really clean and also smells great

This is the best metro keep ever. They have the best service and also always aid me no issue what problem. I never ever go anywhere else they perform everything, even an ext than corporate store

Jessica generally takes care of me and also i always leave with a an excellent deal but everyone in over there is an extremely nice. Good atmosphere

Was below to fix some concerns with my cellphone. I ended up act a guarantee Claim and also it was all so fast and also easy. Finished up purchase a screen protector and other accessories.

Luis always takes care of all my demands when i come in. Shes the finest but anyone there is always so polite. Absolutely recommend this store over all various other metros

I love this store. They assisted me the end so much, moved my info to my brand-new device. I entirely recommend everyone to come by. DJ to be nice and also friendly choose everyone else in store.

Great customer organization at this ar they help me with my new number. They transferred all my information from my old phone come my new one. Entirely recommend!!!!

I am still amazed at the truth that castle answer every and each the the concerns you carry to them and also they make certain you space satisfied v their client service. Best metro store

Best store great costumer business all the time an extremely clean and also it smells good in there best metro ever

Anytime I want to upgrade my call this is my go to store. The employees are really knowledgeable . They space friendly and an extremely helpful. I have been to plenty of other stores but this one here constantly has all the phones in stock and also has a wide selection of equipment for what ever before it is that youre feather for. Love this place

I love comes to this location. Everyone is always so nice and easy to talk to. Give thanks to you luis for conveniently helping me replce mine boyfriends broken phone!

Jessica to be so sweet & really helpful she assisted me collection up my google one and amazon prime ns am an extremely satisfied through her service .

Good customer company ana was really polite , took the moment to right in the budget plan that i remained in i loved the :) :)

Great client service! Maria aided me produce an icloud for my brand-new iphone and also helped me move my information from my android to the iphone. Completely recommend.

Ana was so nice an excellent service from below she was really there to assist out in any questions ns had................she also was so type to help me perform an icloud because that my phone

I love this store. Constantly so helpful and also they never ever run out of anything. Ns will never ever go all over else they gain all my business

Every time i walk right into a store, whether its a food place, electronic devices or noþeles really, I prefer to check reviews first. I have to say ns was really disappointed indigenous this store reviews but I still gave it a try because my friend goes here really often. Once I to walk in walked in it to be overwhelming since of how busy the was. All i did to be browse around and also even though ns was no buying anything simply making a payment ns was available a pair promotions they have actually going on. No one was rude come me and also did not shot to sell me something i didnt no need. Everyone is discount to their own opinion and this is mine. An excellent customer organization fast and also efficient. Ns think 5 stars is a fine deserved rating yet you wont recognize until you offer this ar a try.

Ladies over there were really helpful and even gave me a cost-free case, thats constantly my location to go. I love their customer service

I been in this location a couple of time and they space really friendly and also helpful. Ns recommended anyone to concerned this store. They have actually a most sale and also they constantly give discounts .

Really nice girl that help me v my insurance insurance claim an gaining a new phone median while i wait give thanks to you yessenia I think is she name

This, is among the call dealers, I deserve to honestly say, has great customer service skills. The were really understanding regarding what i needed and also my involves on the web as the relates come getting, the phone for my 9yr old. They took time to not only explain, but walked me v the process of, limitations of data and turning the data the during specific hours.Thank you, Metro computers of 35th Ave Oakland.Written by: The GODDESS ISIS/MAATTHE GODKING OSIRIS WIFE.

In this keep the people are very friendly. Constantly they are prepared to aid the clients. Great job!!!!

Really pretty customer business the lady that assist me was so kind and also friendly, she define me whatever she told the promo they have, and also she even aid me transport my details to my brand-new phone, also aid downloading mine apps...... I will be coming back to this store..

Went in come start new service and also was said I could only acquisition the phone v the $60 plan which is way out of mine price range. Employee to be snotty and made me feeling uncomfortable for not being able come afford it. I pointed out the 30plan being advertised and also rudely told me correct so perform you wanna obtain it or not needles to say i walked out.

Im the district Manager the this place , you re welcome dont believe the twenty an adverse reviews inserted by a fake user utilizing multiple surname within critical week they space all fake we are much from a ghetto save or carry out bad cuostmer Service. Please come visit us and you be the judge ! that sounds favor our rivals are uncomfortable of consistent human being class cuostmer service we carry out where we put our cuostmers very first .

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Best costumer company all the aid I need is always offered not just if I want a call but likewise with a problem, such as calling costumer organization , various other stores constantly send me ago to this location since they cant help me with such as transforming a ringtone or fb there is constantly a charge at other places NOT at this one theres always a an excellent vibes one smells favor oranges :) give thanks to you limitless wireless for the ideal costumer service

They always so helpful....my phone had a defected problem and also they stimulate me one , after the phone got here , they assist me transfer my information over to the brand-new one , the also assist me remainder my password and download my apps ...

Address:3751 international Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601, United says Site:https://www.metrobyt-mobile.com/?cid=YEXT%7CGM-BD%7CListings%7CQ119%7CGoogle%7C Phone:+1 510-698-4942