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Hot foods are finest! yet most containers the you warmth in the microwave finish up therefore scorching hot that you can"t remove them without burning her hands. Through the Cool Touch Microwave Bowl, you can heat and also eat her favorite foodstuffs in the very same bowl, immediately.The an easy yet clever style features 2 bowls nestled within each other. The inside ceramic bowl evenly heats her food when the insulated plastic bowl remains cool come the touch.Use that large, distinct handle come comfortably hold the entire bowl v one hand while you gain your soup, spaghetti, stew, mac "n cheese, oatmeal, leftovers, and also more!A sturdy vented lid prevents splatters in the microwave and can be snapped on for refrigerator storage. Optimal rack dishwasher safe. Obtainable in 2 colors: blue and red.

Features & specsDimensions: 6.5" diameter x 3.25"Capacity: 24 ozMaterials: ceramic bowl, plastic holderLarge handle: eat directly from the bowl, piping hot
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Eat directly from the microwave, piping hot

You may be thinking, "What could be for this reason curiously awesome around a bowl?" Here"s what: You have the right to eat native this bowl the instant it comes the end of the microwave!

The Cool Touch Microwave key is actually 2 bowls. The inner key is a classic ceramic bowl which spreads warmth evenly transparent its contents. The outer bowl is do from insulated plastic that continues to be cool come the touch. So, you can safely grab your bowl from the microwave, plop under on the couch, and also enjoy!

Enjoy piping hot food directly from the microwave.

Two-bowl style remains cool as a cucumber

If you"ve ever before made oatmeal in the microwave, you"re going to love the Cool Touch Microwave Bowl. With regular bowls, girlfriend either have to transfer the oatmeal to an additional bowl or use a towel or hotpad to retrieve the scorching warm container.

With the Cool Touch Microwave Bowl, you have the right to safely seize the bowl straight from the microwave and also enjoy your delicious oatmeal there is no dirtying unnecessary dishes.

The inside ceramic key is hot "n toasty when the insulated outer bowl remains cool together a cucumber.

Simple, yet effective design

The Cool Touch Microwave Bowl includes three parts: a plastic insulated holder, a ceramic bowl, and also a vented lid. Let"s break down each piece:

Insulated holder: The blue (or red) plastic holder stays cool to the touch also after gift in the microwave. Its 2 handles make it simple to acquire in and also out the the microwave, and also the larger of its two handles allows you come eat instantly after nuking.Ceramic bowl: Like any type of ceramic bowl, that spreads heat evenly and will stay heat for a lengthy time.Vented lid: upper and lower reversal it upside under to stop splatters in the microwave or snap that on because that refrigerator storage.

The Cool Touch Microwave Bowl attributes a vented lid to stop splatters in the microwave.

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Top rack dishwasher safe

The Cool Touch Microwave key is peak rack dishwasher safe for straightforward clean-up.