The yearly car show brings thousands of cars to the Desert sun Stadium and thousands that dollars come area non-profits.

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YUMA, Ariz. (, KECY) - good news for auto lovers everywhere. Midnight in ~ the Oasis is booked to take place on march 5, 2021.

After hearing concerns about the annual car display possibly gift canceled, the Caballeros de Yuma stated the event would absent off with the annual "Rally on Main" on march 4, 2021.

The Caballeros de Yuma is currently accepting applications for next year"s show.

"We"re hope by March that everything"s that been walking on is sorted out and also we"re hoping that everyone is all set to have actually a great time by then. Obviously, if things change that is the end of our control we will certainly make part changes. But, together of now, we"re walking to have a an excellent Midnight in ~ the Oasis." said Travis Smith v the Caballeros de Yuma.

Midnight in ~ the Oasis is the biggest fundraiser because that the Caballeros de Yuma.

Each year, the organization provides out end $60,000 in donations and scholarships.

Since the group"s beginning in 1962, the Caballeros de Yuma has actually donated much more than $3 million ago into the Yuma community.


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