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Milo Manheim might not have won Dancing through the Stars, but he definitely won over the understanding of the cast and also crew!

ET captured up v the 17-year-old actor adhering to Monday night"s finale, wherein he and his pro partner, Witney Carson, revealed the sweet presents he offered everyone top top set.

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"In this business, us are constantly running around. We have no time to fee our phones, for this reason I always find the my call is dead," Milo told ET"s Katie Krause. "So, I obtained everyone little, like, portable chargers, and they say, "Thank you because that making this the many memorable year." we got, like, 300 chargers."

" so sweet," added Witney, who stated Milogot one for "every single person the you watch walking around" the ballroom, including the cast, crew and also makeup department.

Milo and also Witney placed second in the competition, shedding to mirrorball champion Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess. Though the 2 were slightly disappointed about not winning an initial place, they had nothing yet kind words because that #TeamBeautyAndTheGeek.

"In mine opinion, this to be our best night, we got two perfect scores," Milo explained. "That freestyle to be by far the most financially rewarding dance of the season ... Ns went out there, ns took a deep breath in, and I to be like, "This is it. This is the last one," and also it to be so special. Ns am never ever going to forget the dance."

"But ns am therefore happy for Bobby and also Sharna, they entirely deserved it," that added. "They eliminated it out there and they are an excellent people, and I am super happy because that them."

And if the present may it is in over, it"s feasible Milo can still obtain some type of trophy. His former competitor, john Schneider, told ET he to be rooting for Milo to success it all, and also would personal love to give him his own mirrorball.

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"I wantedMiloto win!" the Dukes of Hazzard star gushed. "After their power tonight, five my god. I"ve never seen anything therefore unusual and also so risky native every aspect. Native the wardrobe, shoeless, come the water, to the light, to the dark. They to be dancing in the dark and it was simply wonderful."

"So, myheart hasMilo," Schneidercontinued. "I"m gonna go getMiloa mirrorball!"

Hear an ext from the shocking season 27 finale that DWTS in the video clip below.


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