If, follow to the old adage, you need to fight fire with fire, doesn't the make sense to pitch turkey through Turkey?

The folks at Carl's Jr. Must have actually been thinking along those lines, based upon the recent TV commercial that has actually the reigning miss Turkey 2010 Gizem Memiç shilling for its brand-new line that turkey burgers by acquisition a poolside stroll -- throughout which she doffs her dress to reveal a bikini festooned with an all-over publish of small turkey burgers.

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Never mind that it was undoubtedly a scantily clad honest-to-goodness tiara-and-sash-wearing miss Turkey (who has actually held the title because Apri1 1, 2010) nibbling on a burger, what intrigued united state was where they managed to score the extremely particular turkey-burger-print bikini -- which we couldn't aid but notice since the gets severe close-up in the advertising (embedded below).

"We had towel custom-printed with the photo of our brand-new Charbroiled Turkey Burger," defined Beth Mansfield, public relations director because that Carl's Jr. Parent company CKE Restaurants Inc. "And then had it made into a bikini."

According to Mansfield, the agency is in reality looking into the idea of do a minimal run that the self-same bikini to market online.

"The fashion runways could not it is in filled through turkey citizens bikinis yet, but due to the fact that Carl’s Jr. Is already known together a trend-setter in fast food, we figured we could do the exact same with will wear," Mansfield added, tongue firmly in burger-chewing cheek.

"High-fashion bikinis emblazoned with charbroiled turkey burgers are simply the start. Following up can be Kim Kardashian’s peignoir, Padma Lakshmi’s warm summer dress, or Audrina Patridge’s gold lamé bikini," she said, introduce to the wardrobe piece -- and also personalities -- the have appeared in past Carl's Jr. Ad campaigns. "You just never know."

One point we execute know? That v a trio the turkey burgers kicking in at under 500 calorie each, it's  walking to be a hell of a lot less complicated for a male to get his girlfriend into a Carl's Jr. 보다 it will be to gain her right into one the those turkey-burger-print bikinis.

We're simply talking turkey here.

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-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: Carl's Jr. Tapped the reigning miss Turkey, Gizem Memiç, to encourage its new trio the under-500-calorie turkey burgers. Credit: CKE Restaurants Inc. Video: CKE Restaurants Inc.