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‘No Spoiler’ photo by our lovely, Prince Plagg-sama!


-Kimchi Squad

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Hello my Ladybugs and also Tomcats!

We will no longer be accepting any much more translators for Team Baguette (French) and Kimchi formation (Korean). Thank you because that the offers.

All other languages room still open up for positions, and also if you are willing to aid write SRTs or execute in-video subbing, then feel cost-free to contact us!

Thank you because that your continued support everyone!

- Jae


If you’re in the US, you can watch the on Nickelodeon (Sundays, 12est) and (uploaded Mondays)! has actually the French and Korean illustration subbed, yet they’re stability deleting the episodes! Thennn there’s Kisscartoon that uploads the subbed and dubbed together well, however if you’re able to clock it ~ above the Nick website, you re welcome watch ~ above to assistance the show! :D


US itunes also has the show availiable and you can get a season pass! I also made a post on recently around how to clock the oriental raws top top the original broadcasters’ website!

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Hello Ladybugs and Tomcats!

I have made decision to develop a sideblog for the subbing the Miraculous Ladybug. I will certainly no longer be posting around the episodes on my personal blog and will instead be posting castle on this account so that it’ll be more easier to organize everything. Every episodes are linked on this blog. All articles will be tagged with will currently post more frequent update on subbing, translating, and anything subbing related. Together of now, illustration 1-5 room subbed in English, yet I’m spring into acquiring it subbed in various other languages.

Questions and also suggestions ~ above subbing have to be request on this account! not on azurajae!

Thank you! i hope to watch you guys around!

- Jae (azurajae​)

currently that Miraculous Ladybug season 2 is underway in part countries, us remind anyone to be polite and also please use spoiler tags on her posts, and/or cuts. The typical fandom tags are: