One that America's foremost experts on gunsmithing, Bryce Towsley is earlier again to administer even more projects because that anyone interested in building, customizing, fixing, or keeping firearms.Gunsmith Towsley offers comprehensive explanations and also includes color illustrations because that just around every aspect of gun modification, builds, and also repair. Featured tutorials include:how come customize a GLOCK handgunbuild a 1911 handgun or one AR-15 rifle native partshow to carry out spray on total coatingsturning a Mosin-Nagant into a tactical riflebuilding a precision or hunting rifle indigenous scratchand much moreThis considerable information is essential to anybody interested in weapons care, modification, repair, or improvement. It takes the leader from easy-to-do, “kitchen table” jobs through advanced techniques. There is other in these pages for anybody interested in functioning on firearms, and Towsley’s writing layout is basic to read and also understand and the humor will make girlfriend laugh while friend learn. “Gunsmithing is a an excellent hobby. It bring satisfaction that few others deserve to achieve. There is the pride in resolving something that is broken and also in emotion the artistic success when you change a firearm to do it better.”—Bryce M. Towsley

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Bryce M. Towsley published his very first magazine article, around hunting through handguns, in 1982 in the Vermont Sportsman magazine. In the years since he has published countless articles and photos in many of the major outdoor and also gun magazines and on multiple websites. He has actually published ten publications including Gunsmithing Made Easy, one of the best-selling gunsmithing publications ever published. Towsley resides in Vermont with his wife Robin and his dog, Clyde. Examine out his web site,

Editorial Reviews

Bryce Towsley is an symbol in the industry and one of the most knowledgeable gun world of contemporary times. You will certainly really enjoy reading his new book, Gunsmithing contemporary Firearms, not just for the an important information and his an excellent stories yet for the feeling of personal connection he renders with gunsmithing.” —Pete Brownell   “This book is a sweetheart trove that information and also has something for every pistol enthusiast, indigenous the life novice to the grizzled shooter that picks lottery ticket numbers based upon his favorite ballistic coefficients.” —Roy Hill, public relations, Brownells. "Bryce has a variety of unusual qualifications because that a publication like this: the loathes dull how-to writing. The is distinctly contemporary in his methods and also what understand him. . . . The whole publication is a hoot. Check out it, and you have the right to kiss everything discretionary earnings you have good-bye." —David E. Petzal, ar & stream   “When we’re looking for an skilled to write an article on gun modifications for the 675,000 NRA members who obtain Shooting illustrated each month, there’s one scribe we rotate to: Bryce M. Towsley. This publication is further proof that Towsley is the go-to guy for clear, concise, and entertaining instructions because that anyone spring to work on their guns at home.” —Ed Friedman, editor-in-chief, Shooting illustrated   “Bryce Towsley’s understanding of the historical advancement of small arms because that American shooters and hunters is exhaustive. Once I have a question about what provides a cartridge or a rifle tick, I recognize I can rely on the to carry out an classic answer. As soon as I require a thorough feature story ~ above cartridge development, reloading, gunsmithing or shooting, I recognize he can provide the goods.” —J. Scott Olmsted, editor-in-chief, American Hunter “Bryce Towsley has forgotten an ext about guns and gunsmithing 보다 most people could hope to discover in a lifetime. V his creating he is keeping the arts of gunsmithing alive, sharing understanding not frequently shared willingly and also leaving a guide for the generations come come.” —Jim Majoros, owner, Viktor’s tradition Custom Gunsmithing   “The new go-to DIY recommendation for the novice or a seasoned pistol nut! Informative, precise—let’s cut some threads. Well done!” —Mark Bansner, Bansner & Co. Llc Riflemakers "Bryce is mechanically sound—and another thing Bryce have the right to do is write. . . . He brings total crankery into the modern era. . . . a good read also if you never ever intend to rebarrel a rifle, refinish a pistol, or actually go with the trauma of cleaning all the crap out of a shotgun barrel." —Rich Grassi, Outdoor wire "A an excellent gift for a hunter or shooter in your family." —Jeff Davis, Whitetails limitless "A book that would be helpful on any workbench. . .

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. I extremely recommend it." —Jeff Quinn,